Bushwacka! brings his distinctive sound to Ukrainian label Artreform

Artist: Bushwacka!
Title: Breathe Like Me
Label: Artreform
Release: Out now!
Genre: Tech House

Bushwacka! is what you can call a man with plenty of faces, and you can find his many-sided productions under aliases such as Matthew B, Just Be, or as part of the duo Layo and Bushwacka!. Music wise he touches upon a great variety of genres, making it hard to describe his sound without mentioning house, techno, ambient and downtempo. His immense diverse output has made him a beloved act, and besides playing Burning Man or at DC10 parties on a regular basis he is also a frequent releaser on labels such as Leftroom, Suara, Saved and Get Physical.

His newest two tracker just came out on the Ukrainian music label Artreform. Founded in 2012 by JOSS the label has a diverse catalogue including artists such as Metodi Hristov, Robot Needs Oil, and Dachshund. With “Bushwacka! – Breathe Like Me” they have now reached their 30th release. Both tracks on the release are almost 8 minutes long and there is a clear red thread hearable.

“Breathe Like Me” comes at you like a trippy spiral into late night euphoria. A funky foundation is set for the spherical elements that together with tight drum work and vocal snippets make up a fun and focused track. “Dub It” gives off a slightly darker vibe, but again it is the skillfully adding and extracting strong elements that make out the rhythmic style, and thus, the track what it is. There is always the main sound supporting the groove, either vocal wise, hints of a siren or the percussions.

A nice and charming two tracker that brings back the Bushwacka! sound in full force. Seeing it has been released on vinyl as well as digital it is bound to find its way into many sets. The tracks both seem to center around the fusion of movement and groove, and through nicely crafted dynamics the journey goes forward.

01. Breathe Like Me
02. Dub It

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