Bushwacka, Jon Carter, Chip-E, Serge Santiago and more remix tracks from ‘Bless This Acid House’ by Steve Mac

The original ‘Bless This Acid House’ album was released in May 2023 and was overflowing with extraordinary collaborations with original house music icons such as Marshall Jefferson, Robert Owens, Irvine Welsh and the late Sleazy D. Made with a variety of music-making analogue hardware machines, it was designed to transport you back to a time when house music was fresh, raw and underground.

A year on, this new release ‘Bless This Acid House Remixed’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Thirteen on-point, contemporary remixes of the original album tracks reworked by some of the most respected names in electronic music including Bushwacka, ITHURTZ, Jonny Aux, Black Octopus, Jon Carter, Serge Santiago, Redraft Memories & Chip-E, Transparent Sound and more. 

First out of the blocks, legendary acid house original Bushwacka takes the languid ‘Wish’ with Robert Owens and injects it with wiggly acid nitroglycerine. This dynamite cut is followed by Quinn from Paranoid London stepping up in his Jonny Aux guise for a punchy, squiggly, breakbeat-fuelled overhaul of ‘Take You There’ featuring the late Sleezy D. Jack Said What mainstay Serge Santiago takes ‘This Is Acid’ in an almost Italo direction; Transparent Sound morphs ‘Go Bang’ into a dark electro beast with a killer bassline undertow; and ITHURTZ twists timeless classic ‘One Day’ into a skippy, rubberised tech-house missive. 

Further, Jon Carter twists ‘Acid House Guys’ featuring Irvine Welsh through a glitchy techno mangle, while jackin’ house Chicago original Chip-E, alongside his mate Redraft Memories, obtain the parts to ‘Jack Said What’ — the track that gave rise to the label’s name — and take it further into the outer space technosphere. And there’s plenty more goodness in addition to these top-notch remixes, too. Shot through with an acid house sensibility, there’s sure to be a remix for a wide range of people here with any sort of interest in the culture.

Steve Mac is the artist behind the ‘Bless This Acid House’ album. A UK house music heavy-hitter, he has been a pillar of the international house community virtually from the beginning. The DJ/producer is also the label boss of Jack Said What Records in partnership with infamous Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh. With over 25 years’ of experience, Steve is respected and revered for his analogue production style. Mac has also released tracks for labels such as Nervous, MoS, Cr2, Toolroom, Saved, Underwater and Ovum, and produced a number of artist albums for other people as well.

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‘Bless This Acid House’ remix album track list:

1.          Steve Mac feat. Robert Owens ‘Wish’ (Bushwacka remix)
2.          Steve Mac feat. Sleezy D ‘Take You There’ (Jonny Aux remix) 
3.          Steve Mac ‘This Is Acid Mate’ (Serge Santiago remix) 
4.          Steve Mac feat. Marshall Jefferson ‘Spirit’ (Horatio remix) 
5.          Steve Mac feat. MDMK ‘My Mind’ (UNE remix) 
6.          Steve Mac ‘Jack Said What’ (Chip-E & Redraft Memories remix)
7.          Steve Mac ‘Go Bang’ (Transparent Sound remix) 
8.          Steve Mac, Danny Rampling & Robert Owens ‘The Changes’ (Sound Klash remix) 
9.          Steve Mac feat. Alana Maria ‘The 313’ (Redraft Memories remix) 
10.        Steve Mac feat. E-Raze ‘Summer Of Love’ (Black Octopus remix) 
11.        Steve Mac feat. Robert Owens ‘One Day’ (ITHURTZ remix) 
12.        Steve Mac feat. Irvine Welsh ‘Acid House Guys’ (Jon Carter remix) 
13.        Steve Mac feat. Irvine Welsh ‘Hot Monday Girl’ (ASOY remix)

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