Butane and Someone Else’s Little Helpers marks its 350th release an eleven track compilation

Artist: Various Artists (incl. Butane, Stefano Noferini, Alexi Delano, Someone Else & more)
Title: LH350 – Ten Years Of Little Helpers
Label: Little Helpers
Cat. No: LH350 Format: Digital
Release Date: 25th June 2019
Genre: House/Techno

Late June marks the 350th release from Butane and Someone Else’s Little Helpers imprint as the label celebrates 10 Years with an eleven-track compilation including contributions from the likes of Stefano Noferini, Alexi Delano, James Dexter and more. Founded in 2009, Little Helpers has grown to become one of house and techno’s most consistent and undeniably well-loved labels. The brainchild of Andrew Rasse aka Butane, and Sean O’Neal aka Someone Else, the imprint offers DJs refined tools and subtle after-hours groovers all the way through to peak time stand-alone productions.

The label has grown in the past year to welcome material from international heavyweights including the likes of Jamie Jones and Stefano Noferini, while also serving as one of the industry’s most prominent homes for undiscovered and emerging talent from across the globe. To mark both the label’s 350th release and Ten Years of the label, Rasse and O’Neal have curated an eleven-track package that showcases the different styles and sounds Little Helpers has come to represent, welcoming close friends and colleagues to contribute to the monumental release this summer whilst also compiling a DJ mix featuring both new material and stand out gems from the label archives.

LH350 traverses a spectrum of electronic spheres, whilst maintaining the trademark indescribable but everpresent Little Helpers sound across all of its tracks. From the rich textures of James Dexter and Andrew McDonnell’s opening cuts, through to the jazz-infused contribution from Archila & Tons, or the deep chords within Legit Trip’s ‘350-4’, the package steadily weaves through subtle nuances with ease, teasing listeners as it effortlessly glides through the collection.

“Trying to distill the essence of 10 years of music into a 1-hour mix is difficult, but I feel it’s an accurate representation of the range of the label. Little Helpers is on the deeper side of what I do, so it’s always a treat to play this style of music which isn’t totally focused on the dance floor at the expense of nuance. Typically I don’t get booked into clubs to play this sound, they’d rather have 2 hours of rock-the-party, which I gladly oblige. But Little Helpers is much closer to my true roots in dance music: the warmup and afterhours sets. I started as a promoter for a small monthly party, and our headline guests would take care of the peak time stuff so I didn’t have to. I still draw on this experience when curating the music that we sign to Little Helpers.” – Butane

Take Alexi Delano & Marcelo Rosselot’s ‘350-5’ or Marc Faenger’s ‘350-8’ which raise the tempo and introduce darker metallic tones, or Stefano Noferini & Looad and Someone Else & Miro Pajic who keep the focus on rolling, organic grooves, yet all four efforts keep true to the label’s core dynamic of functional, effective, groove-based productions. Tripio X’s infectious ‘350-10’ offers a snaking and serene slice of house, while Butane pairs up alongside trusty partner Riko Forinson to deliver a heady tribal workout, before closing out the package solo with a warping number that takes things through to the after-hours in typical Butane fashion. Happy Ten Years.

1. James Dexter – Little Helper 350-1
2. Andrew McDonnell – Little Helper 350-2
3. Archila, Tons – Little Helper 350-3
4. Legit Trip – Little Helper 350-4
5. Alexi Delano, Marcelo Rosselot – Little Helper 350-5
6. Stefano Noferini, Looad – Little Helper 350-6
7. Someone Else, Miro Pajic – Little Helper 350-7
8. Marc Faenger – Little Helper 350-8
9. Butane, Riko Forinson – Little Helper 350-9
10. Tripio X – Little Helper 350-10
11. Butane – Little Helper 350-11

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