Butane releases the groovy ‘Imperfections EP’ on his Alphahouse imprint

Artist: Butane
Title: Imperfections EP
Label Alphahouse
Cat. No: Alphahouse042
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Techno

After seeing him release on some of the most prestigious labels this year like Hottrax and SCI+TEC, Butane is back with a new EP on his own label, Alphahouse. The USA based DJ and producer has earned respect and admiration in the electronic music scene over the last years due to always staying true to himself and creating a very strong musical ID. His sound he keeps non-compromising and on point.

‘Imperfections EP’ is a groovy and fun release, showcasing Butane’s strength in handling thorough basslines. ‘Hey’ is almost like a trip into a dark and sweaty basement where it is not about seeing where you go or who is there but rather feeling the vibration from the bass in your body. It is incredibly rolling and pleasurable, keeping the level of highs on a fine line, adding small but important elements one at a time. A proper tool and sure shot for the long nights.

The title track, ‘Imperfections’ moves in a more trippy direction creating its own universe. Here we still having a focused groove, but the main element is accompanied by a very strong synth and flattering percussion. Here again, the shifting introduction of sounds provides an interesting, even thrilling, wholeness, keeping the track at the edge for its full 8 plus minutes.

The EP is a felicitous release bringing to the front the characteristics that are Butane. It is not always easy to create something simple yet catchy, but it is a way that he works very well in these tracks, giving them a feeling of an intent and thought out nature rather than that of randomness. A strong release here from Butane that I am sure will be heard across many dance floors this winter.

About the Author

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