Cacao Records release impressive various artist EP featuring Rick Wade, Luna City Express, and Tigerskin

Artist: V.A.
Title: There’s Always Cacao In Exotic Places, Vol. 1
Label: Cacao Records
Cat No: CAO007
Release: Out now!
Genre: House / Techno

Cacao Records is celebrating its first year of bringing rhythmic beats to dancers across the globe. In a short time, the label has managed to get an impressive catalogue, signing originals and remixes from artists like Seth Troxler, Re.You, Tigerskin, youANDme, Rick Wade and more. The label belongs to a South American trio consisting of the K.E.E.N.E. brothers who are currently based in Berlin, and Gonzo-Gonzo.

‘There’s Always Cacao In Exotic Places, vol. 1’ is a six-track release with various artists, each bringing along a big piece of personality and creating a very elegant and funky sound. Label boss Gonzo-Gonzo sets of the celebration with ‘On Da Point’, an emotion-loaded piece working with its uplifting melody and soft beat. Secondly, we are met with the warm and housey grooves from Rick Wade’s ‘Latina’, keeping the upbeat and smooth vibe alive.

Luna City Express are known for their catchy releases on Moon Harbour and Get Physical. Here they contribute with their deep and raw sound on the third track, ‘Classic Dance’ which merges a catchy groove with spherically intriguing melodic elements. Next up are the K.E.E.N.E. brothers who have collaborated with Robosonic for the beautiful ‘Waters’. The bassline is in focus surrounded by chords and which contributes to a feeling of liquid bliss.

Defying the trend of the release so far, Tigerskin ups the energy slightly with ‘January, June, July’. He plays on tighter sounds and lets the synth lead the way. Rounding up the release is Zombies In Miami with ‘Cabalah’, a and dancy groove based tune filled with rhythm through the use of lively drums and percussion.

‘There’s Always Cacao In Exotic Places, vol. 1’ gives a great selection of tracks that, though different, have a red line running through them. They fit together and complete each other through carrying different strengths, forming a strong and charming release that is without a doubt a worthy celebration of Cacao’s first year as a label.

01. Gonzo-Gonzo – On Da Point
02. Rick Wade – Latina
03. Luna City Express – Classic Dance
04. K.E.E.N.E. & Robosonic – Waters
05. Tigerskin – January, June, July
06. Zombies In Miami – Cabalah

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