Calibre releases his incredible new album, ‘Feeling Normal’

Calibre has just released his new album, ‘Feeling Normal’ on his Signature Recordings label which features collaborations with DRS and Cimone. Where his last non-DnB album explored Calibre’s more ambient works, ‘Feeling Normal’ focusses on his 140bpm explorations and his love for dub and slower breakbeat sounds.

All of the tracks on the record have been road-tested in Calibre’s DJ sets over the last 2/3 years with many of them being sought-out by his hardcore fans. With a nod to the dancefloor, the clear idea for the album came about following the release of his most personal album to date ‘Planet Hearth’.

“It still works in the headspace but ultimately it’s been written for the sweaty club experience we miss now, also after an album like Planet Hearth it felt very liberating to do,” he remarks. When writing albums, he often just puts it down to the general chaos of life, not citing any one influence but generally just waits to see what comes. With one of the tracks on the album written 7 years ago on the island of Valentia, It became a project that he spent the intervening years collecting tracks for, not really knowing when he was going to put it together as an album. “The whole album is special to me, everything on there has import and meaning beyond for me, I have spent much time on all these and hope they are special for other people too.” – Calibre

01. Barren
02. Change With Me
03. Time To Breath (with Cimone)
04. Has To Happen
05. Feeling Normal
06. Badman (with DRS)
07. Good Times
08. Say Enough (with DRS)
09. Miami
10. Predictable
11. Man Got Sandwich
12. Wrong
13. Regular Bull

You can stream/buy the album here.

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