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First of all welcome to the new Decoded Magazine! 

I’m Carlo Gambino, yes that is my real name, for those that don’t know me I own labels ‘Midnight Social Recordings’ and ‘Amongst Others’. Originally from the north of England and currently residing downunder in Sydney, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a 25+ year music career with a production career is now into double figures, this year has been my biggest year to date with releases on the likes of Cinthie’s ‘We_R_House’, Clara Da Costa’s ‘Jacks House’ and Franck Roger’s ‘Real Tone’.

I’ll be here every month talking all things house! There will be guest mixes, guest charts, reviews of upcoming releases and many from around the world. Enjoy!

2020……is this the year of the resident DJ?

The year 2020 has been a strange one to say the least, and also a testing one, especially for all those involved within the music industry. DJ’s who once had a ‘career’ out of playing in venues up and down the country, and across the globe, are now barely surviving and are resorting to do what they can to bring the $$$ in. 

International guest DJ’s are a thing of the past (for the moment) as it’s simply not viable to spend so much bringing them into the country and with all the flight restrictions, especially Australia, nobody is entering the country or leaving for that matter.

This brings us on to the trusty club resident DJs and also the local DJ’s that until lockdown were laying down their grooves every week to packed floors across the city. Sydney and Melbourne for example have some of the best residents I’ve seen and heard and also had the pleasure of playing alongside. The ‘Unic’ boys, ‘Mantra Collective’, ‘The Breakfast Club’ and the S.A.S.H crew are just a small handful that are keeping things alive.

As we head towards the end of 2020 and then into 2021, will it be the club night residents and locals keeping the nightlife going? Will there be any need to bring in International artists to your city to do the job these guys are more than capable of? 

We will all certainly see soon…..

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This Month’s Artist showcase

Burnski aka James Burham to his friends and family needs no introduction. This Northern England DJ & Producer has been prolific well over a decade playing all over the globe at places like Back To Basics (Leeds), fabric (London), DC10 (Ibiza), Rex Club (Paris), Watergate (Berlin) plus tours across Asia, US and Australia. 

Burnski’s discography is just as impressive as his gig list with releases on the likes of 20:20 Vison, Poker Flat, One Records, Real Tone and not forgetting his Constant Sound and Constant Black labels along with other labels.

Burnski ‘ Process EP’ – Constant Sound

Constant Sound’s latest release comes from the main man himself. The ‘Process’ EP consists of 4 peak time house bumpers worthy of any dancefloor. The track is available on vinyl and also on digital at all the usual outlets.

Burnski has stopped by to give us his movers and shakers for October in his latest chart.

Burnski October Chart

  1. Burnski – ‘Process’ – Constant Sound
  2. Relic – ‘D’ – Constant Black
  3. Kepler – ‘Contact’ – Constant Sound
  4. Tamoshi – ‘Come In’ – Vivid
  5. 100HZ – ‘Jive’ – Constant Sound
  6. Kolter – ‘Went Too Far’ – Pilot UK
  7. Relic – ‘H’ – Aesthetic 
  8. NOHA presents ISKRA – ‘Beating Expectations’ – Constant Black
  9. Adam Nahalewicz – ‘Quiver’ – Aesthetic
  10. Allex Jann – ‘Modereated Lies’ – Infiltrate

S.A.S.H with Kerry Wallace

S.A.S.H is one of Sydney’s longest running house institutions. The legendary day time vibe is based at The Greenwood Hotel in North Sydney and once 10pm hits the party then carries on at Home Bar in Darling Harbour where the shindig carries on to 4am. 2020 has been a testing time forever especially for those involved with the arts, hospitality and the music industry taking a massive hit. We caught up with head honcho Kerry Wallace to talk about all things S.A.S.H’s and to also discuss the upcoming party held recently on Sunday.

For people that are unaware of Sydney’s longest running house institution, can you please give us a little bit of background and how SASH started to where it is now?

S.A.S.H actually began in London over 12 years ago, not a great deal of people realise that! Following that stint I moved to Ibiza for a few years & then back to Australia, it wasn’t long after being back in Sydney I saw a hole in the market & decided to re-birth S.A.S.H here. 10 years down the track & S.A.S.H is as big as it’s ever been.

Apart from yourself, you do have a healthy crew behind the scenes working with you. Can you let us know how important it is to have these with you on a weekly basis?

Like any other successful brand around the globe, your’re nothing without your team. I’ve got a dedicated crew of legends that live & breath S.A.S.H alongside me. Our S.A.S.H family now extends far & wide through a range of full time & part time positions. Ultimately, we are all friends who have a pure love for music, this is why it works so well.

2020 has been a strange one for club land as we all know and SASH, like all the other nights across the city have closed their doors for the time being. What else have you been doing to keep busy and to keep things ticking over?

To be honest although we are closed, & have been for 6 months now, we’ve haven’t stopped working. When things first kicked off with COVID we had a small break during lockdown, but then quickly resumed in our office to make a plan. We swiftly launched our online “Lockdown Radio” which has done quite well considering the amount of streams that were going out at the time. 

While that’s been going on we’ve been looking ahead & doing everything that’s possible in the way of planning. We’ve got the first 2 months of S.A.S.H programming/artwork ready, 2 months of programming for Stanley’s our little cocktail bar, S.A.S.H Byron Bay ready to go, S.A.S.H Wollongong we’ve now booked in dates for next year & S.A.S.H Bali is being organised as we speak.

Also, as of Sunday we launch our series of COVID safe events here in Sydney which has been in the making for months. We’re starting with S.A.S.H Social at the Greenwood Hotel.

Recently on the long weekend we saw you back in the saddle at The Greenwood. It definitely looked different with all the new restrictions but the music quality was still the same. Tell us a little more about the first party back in 6 months.

Indeed we are back!, This is the first in a series of COVID safe parties we have planned for the upcoming months & we are all excited to be back at Greenwood. For sure it’s a “different” experience to everyone’s used to at the venue, but we’re adapting as we respectfully should. Ultimately Greenwood is a large scale pub with a huge beer garden, it’ll be laden with furniture everywhere, we’ll be serving lunch & dinner + all the S.A.S.H residents are back playing some lo-slung tunes to match the event.

Obviously there’s no dancing & everyone has to remain seated at their table, but if this is the best we all have at the moment, then let’s embrace it & enjoy a Sunday under the sun with a beer, food & tunes. We’ve also made a rule for ourselves, we’ll be seated too while we play music. If the punters have to sit, then so should we…. We’re in this together!

Once everything is back up and running and back to normal, can you let us know of any exciting plans and international djs we can look forward to?

As I said above we have the majority of the next year & into 2022 somewhat planned with all our different events in the different cities. But secretly I’ve been working on a larger project for about 3 months which is about to be signed off on, it’ll change the scope of Sydney too for sure. But as my mum always told me, don’t tell anyone about things that aren’t for sure…. So with that in mind, that’s all I’ve got for you now!

This year and no doubt next year will be the year of the residents and the locals. We know SASH has some of the best residents in the city, how important is it to have these guys on board? 

Gabby & Jake Hough have been there from the beginning as residents & we’re probably closer than ever these days. We all understand what our punters want & we all deliver in our different ways & have done for almost 10 years. There’s a saying which is “a party is only ever as good as it’s residents regardless of special guests that come & go” a true story!

S.A.S.H is now into its 9th year and throughout the years of playing at The Greenwood and Home there will be some favourite tracks that are played week in, week out. Can you please let us know your top 3 S.A.S.H classics?

I’m not sure that’s even possible tbh. 9 years of music through the times…. I’d be here for weeks trying to work that one out! HA

We know you have done S.A.S.H tours throughout Europe and also into other cities across Australia, once we are allowed to travel will you be looking to get back into cities like Melbourne and Brisbane etc or do you think you will be just sticking to Sydney for now?

Somewhat addressed this in my answer above, but to clarify yes 100% we will. Byron Bay, Wollongong, Bali are all happening & as of a few weeks ago we’re re-visiting Brisbane again. Melbourne I’m afraid will be sitting on the back burner for a while due to their situation….. but at some point that will come to light as well!

Keep up to date all things S.A.S.H , head over to their facebook 

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