“Try and drop the ego, forget about money and just crack on. You don’t need to study anything or spend loads of money on courses. There is no fixed way into the industry and so much of it is about your attitude and your character” – Carly Foxx

Based in London, Carly Foxx is an Australian DJ and electronic music producer. Her unique productions consolidate deep & hypnotic grooves alongside and at times emotive landscapes, which underpin her very own signature vocals. Carly’s steady stream of dynamic mixtapes incorporates Detroit flavoured house, acid, and disco, with a penchant for the 90’s, gaining the attention of tastemakers such as Deep House London & Electronic Groove. Her debut release in 2015 on Danse Club Records ‘Let Me Be Yours’ included a main room remix from DJ T (Get Physical, Aus Music) preceding a release with Demuir (DJ Sneak/Cassy) and her debut at The Warehouse Project as part of Joris Voorn’s ‘Ants’ party. In July 2017 Carly launched her own imprint Love Story Recordings and alongside her own work, Love Story’s eclectic discography includes up and coming artists including The Svens (Greco Roman) and Ninasonik (Discwoman) and remixes from more established artists such as Parris Mitchell, Pezzner, and Terrence Parker.

I managed to grab some time with a very busy woman to talk about her time in the electronic music scene, the incredible work she does for women and upcoming artists, and what she has planned for the remainder of 2018… When I spoke to Carly she was making some music for a soundtrack she has been working on for a TV series that she will also be presenting. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about this but I believe it should be out around February on Insight TV. If you check out Carly’s Instagram page you may even see a video with more details!

I asked Carly what it was that first made her get the bug for electronic music… “I was obsessed with music growing up, but it was clubs and drugs as a teenager which first drew me to electronic music initially before I really started to listen to the music properly. Then it was always that I loved the way it made me feel.” We went on to speak about some of Carly’s biggest influences over the years and it was nice to hear someone mention artists that are not what I would deem as the good old cliche artists…

“Nina Kraviz was my main inspiration starting out in production. She is such a queen and I have always drawn inspiration from her production style and use of vocals as an instrument in her work. Definitely Peggy Gou also in recent years. Love Pegs! Her music is so unique and inspiring, her DJ sets and taste in music is eclectic which I like to hear in DJ sets, and I like that fashion is also a big part of her and her brand.”

Carly has been busy over the summer like many others in her profession so I asked her what some of her highlights had been over the past few months…  “I’ve absolutely loved this summer especially as I have travelled so much.  I think it’s so special getting to see the world playing music, and it’s something I am so grateful for. Playing at fabric and at Hi in Ibiza for the first time this summer were the winners though.”

Besides travelling the world and DJ, Carly also runs her label, Love Story Recordings. I was keen to find out the reasons behind her wanting to start her own label, as it is not exactly the easiest thing to do when you are already very busy.

“I started the label mostly because no one wanted to release my music, so I thought ok that’s cool, I’ll just do it! I’ve always had a pretty good A&R ear, so naturally, I started discovering other people’s music and releasing it through the label also.”

Having heard a fair number of Carly’s tracks I was surprised to hear that no one wanted to sign her music. So if you want to check out some quality house music go check out her label on the usual music sites. Decoded Magazine is a particularly big fan of Carly’s last release, ‘Body Ache’, and the latest release on her label by The Svens.

Since Carly’s first steps in the industry, a lot has changed especially diversity across the scene. I asked her about her thoughts on how things had changed over the years…

“I think women are slowly becoming more visible over the time I’ve been DJing, and it’s definitely being discussed openly a lot more which is cool! I’d also love there to be more opportunities in the music industry for young people from low income families.”

I asked Carly what some of her biggest challenges had been whilst working in dance music to date… “On a personal level, confidence is a big one and something most people find challenging also. The industry is saturated, (but I feel like that’s all creative industries) so that means competition is fierce. But then life in a big city is fierce! Networking can be a biiiggg part of the industry (unless you are EXCEPTIONALLY talented  – which I’m not) and something I don’t dedicate much time to. It’s all pretty normal stuff though that stuff that is prevalent in lots of other industries or when you’re trying to run a business.”

Carly does a great deal of work for women in the industry and often runs events to promote and help women in the music industry. I asked Carly what she had been working on of late… “Nothing right this minute as I have been super busy, but I’m hoping to do something again with fabric before the end of the year! They’re amazing to work with and having access to their incredible space and sound system for these events is amazing and generous of them! The feedback we had from the last A&R event from both the panellists and the guests was pretty spesh. Honestly, the caliber of music presented on that night was proper top notch! There are some SERIOUSLY talented chicas out there. Hezen, Amani, Halina Rice, Imogen, Daisybelle, and Lost Souljah were just a few stand out artists of the night.

Whilst on the music industry chat I asked Carly if she had any tips for any newcomers out there…

“Try and drop the ego, forget about money and just crack on. You don’t need to study anything or spend loads of money on courses. There is no fixed way into the industry and so much of it is about your attitude and your character. DIY vibes all the way. If you really want to work in the industry; like, REALLY, you will.”

Getting back to the music for a few moments, I asked Carly about new releases we can expect from her in 2018? “Next I’ll be putting out an EP on my label called ‘Up All Night’ which will include another Parris Mitchell remix. Then following that I’m releasing a record through Fred P’s new Private Society label. As I mentioned earlier that I’m also presenting a music documentary/travelogue series which is exciting. So for the next few months, I will be travelling around Europe filming that and producing the soundtrack along the way.

For those of you that know Carly or just follow her on social media, you will know she is a huge fan of yoga. I was keen to know how she got into yoga and what it has done for her… “I love it so much! I initially started purely for physical reasons as I had a bad hip. I went to the doctor who referred me to a physio and the wait was about 6 weeks, so I just scrapped that and gave yoga a try. I liked it straight away, but I didn’t love it. Within two weeks, my hip was better after years of pain. I noticed that if I didn’t practice regularly the pain would creep back but disappear again as soon as I started back. Since then I’ve been very consistent since I started 6 years ago, practicing at least twice a week every week. It took at least a few years for me to really start understanding & feeling the full benefits of yoga and in more of a holistic & spiritual way.”

Moving on to the mix that Carly beautifully compiled for us I asked her to tell us a little about the mix and how it was put together… “It was just recorded at home on some battered and dusty CDJ1000’s. So annoying having to burn the CDs! My neighbor complained about the noise, again! I tend to select & burn double the amount of tracks I need, I have the first two songs planned, then wing the rest. As always with my mixes, always a mix of old and new & plenty of underground US house tunes.”

It sounds like Carly has the same issue as many of us DJs out there. The shared love from our delightful neighbours! It is a struggle many of us have felt I am sure! I would like to thank Carly for the great chat we had and the mix she kindly compiled for us.

We hope you enjoyed both the interview and the mix!!!

01. Vin Sol & Matrixxman – Lotus Position (Ghosts on Tape Natural Instinct Mix)
02. D’Julz – Houdini (DJ Skull remix)
03. MD3 – Pressure Cooker
04. Waajeed – Abba
05. Los Hermanos – Quetzal
06. Unknown – Unknown
07. WK7 – Rhythm 2 (powers snap mix)
08. Argy – The Numbers
09. Doms & Deykers – It’s You I see
10. Paul Johnson – Give Me Ecstasy
11. Los Hermanos – All Over Me
12. DJ Deeon – 1112

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