Catz N Dogz release their third album on Pets Recordings

Artist: Catz N Dogz
Title: Basic Colour Theory
Label: Pets Recordings
Cat No: PETS057
Genre: House/Techno
Released: 23/09/2015

Polish DJ/Producer duo Catz N’ Dogz release their third album later this September titled “Basic Colour Theory” on their very own imprint Pets Recordings. What’s really telling in this offering is the array of cutting edge vocalists that have lent their voices to make the album multi-hued.

Starting off with “Good Touch” feat. Egle Sirvydyte which is a beautiful background of sounds for a lazy garden party, it envelops listeners in back lit clouds of warm pads, soft tinkers of the Tambourine, and silvery electronics shadowed by a bass shiver. “Stay” gets a move on with a bouncing body and bungee bass, the duos derivative is playfully plaintive with this one, with the whispery quality and tickles of vocalism that is still strong and lucid.

“Nobody Cares” on the other hand is surprisingly pop-ish with its sluggish suit. Chunky thwack beats meet a churlish center. Shimmery interiors withheld inside an electronic building, does the trick to keep you interested. Next up, “Killing With Kindness” feat. Phat Kat brings a techy flavor, with a friendly meticulous percussion sequencing wielding hefty charred bass alongside. The vocals fit right in like a glove that marches straight in to “From Your Heart” where the captains of the ship go head to head with Peter, Bjorn & John to give us an aching pop house opus, mellowed down and tangled with eyes closed mechanisms all in place. “Coming Back” feat. Javeon is a clever piece with jittering bass thuds and clapping shine, easily the high light track of the album, no problem. “What’s In Me” kinda follows naturally behind with its full bottomed histrionics of bass and Piano clutter. A conventionally structured talk-sung pop track and spins into a largely ‘dance while shoe gazing affair’.

“The Solution” functions pretty much well in the pack, as a follow up of all lambent post rock material, it’s all grain and tone harking out muted beats and Piano meanderings. “Keep On” feat. Green Velvet is structurally rigid with bass blocky beats rattling the bins and macho vocals that deliver clever drama right in the middle of things. “Get It Right” feat. Tanika, and “The Joy” are both quizzical constructions, with openness and respective vocals adding stunning sound sources. “Don’t” slows over the back section down with micro-tonal inflections of vocalism and bell droplets. Hitting – “Open Door” feat. Cloud Beat brings on retro cinematic bright bass stabs and twittering electronica to the fore, while “Saving You” feat. Jono McCleery is unconventional musicality and a genre flexing exercise, in keeping the album alive. There’s often something interesting about dance music that feels like it should be fast but isn’t, but “Czas Poczeka” (Chyba) finishes up the 15 track escapade with methodical qualling.

Every track on the album obediently trots out the techniques—dropping the beat out here, speeding into a crescendo there—but at the end, does feel rather stretched out. Catz N’ Dogz musical enterprise doesn’t explore any strange new worlds except to say they do away from conventional dance music for the most part and the repeated listening syndrome may suffer. This record boldly goes where many have gone before, but hell we are talking about a worldwide super delicious band, and this one overall should go far and wide!!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.