Chicola comes into his own with soulful progressive hit, Childhood

Artist: Chicola
Title: Childhood
Label: Lost & Found
Released: Out Now!
Genre: Progressive House

If you are looking for unadulterated progressive house with soul, Tel Aviv musician Chicola turns out, ‘Childhood’, and no surprises here as Lost & Found takes this release out in fine fashion. The result as always, each offering is even trippier than the last.

Chicola’s original mix has tight knit electronic stutters, letting the beats reverberate into infinity with a few abrupt volume shifts that shake you from poignant reverie. There’s an aquatic undercurrent of melodics which goes on and on as the actual silken bass line throttles the entire track forward, lurching with fine production techniques in play and some kinda yearning, for what could have been, takes over.

Rearing and thickening out the back end, we get a lone remix from heavyweight Hernan Cattaneo collaborating with fellow Argentinians Soundexile for a cool version that propels the sound waves forward and one knows immediately that this one is a high-quality rework.

An irresistible bass broadens the tune and counter balances the moody melody with dance floor functionalism. But for me, the focus remains the bass as its slightly primal feel and resonant sound guarantees much damage to the speakers. Sometimes grainy sometimes distorted with breezy tempo all fuel out one thing – get it for your music bag!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.