Christian Löffler invites Nathan Fake to remix ‘Roth (feat. Mohna)’

Earlier this year, Christian Löffler released ‘Lys’, an album recorded and compiled in the serenity of his home studio. While produced within four walls, ‘Lys’ grounding comes from what lies beyond them: light. What unifies these songs is the process behind them. Waking up early, Löffler would head for a run in the nearby woodlands before settling in his studio. He’d cast his mind back to the early morning and reflect on how the light had changed, marking the passing of time during the day, the passing of seasons in a year, and the constant change of everything there is. Christian would observe how the light would trickle into his studio, in between the leaves from the trees just outside, casting shadows on his instruments and paintings, giving colour to his world. Inspired by the inherent beauty of this process, he found himself painting these patterns and then communicating his feelings in his music.

Christian Löffler now invites UK DJ and electronic music artist, Nathan Fake to add his own colours to ‘Lys’ track ‘Roth (feat. Mohna)’. Dark drone sounds characterize Löffler’s track which also features vocalist and long time collaborator Mohna. Nathan has preserved the mysterious element of Roth, all the while speeding up and intensifying the beats and creating a fast, thumping electro-dance tune.

“Next to Roman Flügel, Nathan was my absolute dream candidate for the remix. I have been enthusiastic about his music for many years. After seeing him live at Melt Festival, we started to exchange ideas from time to time. At the time, his ambient set for the album ‘Drowning in a sea of love’ totally surprised and flashed me.” – Christian Löffler

“I guess I wanted to take the remix in a pretty different direction from the original, so I started by making an original beat out of a mixture of my sounds and Christian’s. It ended up being a kind of strange half techno, half breakbeat kind of thing with the snare triggering the kick.” – Nathan Fake

Nathan Fake is a British electronic musician whose lush, moody recording ranges from atmospheric techno sounds to vivid, shoegaze-influenced downtempo. Growing up in Norfolk and attending a school where being into music made you an outsider, his early interest in the electronic scene came from hearing acts like Aphex Twin and Orbital.

Having begun to acquire and experiment with his own gear, an encounter with James Holden in 2003 led him to align with the then-fledgling label Border Community, releasing his first material, ‘Outhouse’, that same year that I am sure has touched many of you slightly older ravers over the years. The relationship with Holden’s label continued with further EP releases leading to his breakthrough debut album ‘Drowning In A Sea Of Love’, released in 2006 to well deserved widespread international praise.

Nathan Fake recorded two further albums for the label before establishing his own label, Cambria Instruments in 2014 alongside former Border Community associate Wesley Matsel. Throughout this time he also took on a number of impressive and diverse remixes, from Radiohead to Jon Hopkins to Clark, working for labels such as Ninja Tune, Domino, Warp, and Kompakt. The one thing you can always guarantee with Nathan Fake’s work is that it will be thought-provoking and this is by no means an exception… a truly sublime remix from the man.

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about many genres of music from Breakbeat and Drum & Bass to Techno and Electronica. A man that lives in a world of bass and beats, Ian is an obsessive collector of music and a true geek at heart, with many years spent in application design.