Christian Löffler reveals new video for his single ‘Pastoral’ from the upcoming Beethoven project

As the world celebrates the 250th anniversary of the birth of a genius, institutions worldwide honour the date with Beethoven-filled repertoires. Classical music behemoth, Deutsche Grammophon, however, has taken a different approach. Invited by the label, Christian Löffler has reworked four tracks by Beethoven from original 1920s recordings of the pieces.

From Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, Löffler unearths a short yet tantalising flute melody – then sampling it and adding his signature atmospheric synth and pad sounds around it resulting in the EP’s powerful opening piece, Pastoral. Beethoven is present on Pastoral, but only as a far-away echo, in a soft dream-like reminder that greatness is also present in the small details.

“Working on Pastoral, I had the insight that it was a good idea to focus on the quiet parts of the music, that was a milestone in the process of the whole EP,” says Löffler. “I wanted to highlight the darker but also brighter moments of the music and create an ebb and flow situation,” says Löffler

Watch the video for Pastoral created by the multi-talented Swedish film director and photographer Fredrik Altinell below:

Christian Löffler has become internationally renowned for his strain of melodic deep house, and in bringing Beethoven into this realm he is not only tributing the late composer but also inserting him once again into the contemporary musical discourse. “When listening to the recordings, I got the idea that Beethoven’s music was actually very human and accessible but became somewhat unearthly with decades of replaying and overthinking it. I wanted to bring it back to the very basic feels.” Although the EP’s tracks are intrinsically different from the original recordings, Löffler has in many ways left Beethoven’s voice untouched. He has instead used the composer’s music as the colours to his own painting – searching for a simple and perhaps overlooked motifs that gave a narrative to his own productions.

1. Pastoral (03:40)
2. Fate (04:08)
3. Funebre (13:40)
4. Freiyheit (03:01)

Parallels (Beethoven) will be released on the 27th November via Deutsche Grammophon.

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