Christian Nielsen returns with a four tracker on the UK label No Idea’s Original

Artist: Christian Nielsen
Title: Pitch Black EP
Label: No Idea’s Original
Release: Out now!
Genre: House

If you have listened to tech house the past couple of years you have definitely heard this name before. Danish DJ and producer Christian Nielsen has catapulted himself onto everybody’s lips with strong and catchy releases on labels such as Play It Down, Kompakt, and Suara, always placing himself in the shop charts.

This time he is back with a four tracker on the UK label, No Idea’s Original, and although the label is relatively young (founded in 2015), they already have an impressive catalogue featuring artists such as Mr. G, Huxley, and J.Philip.

He sets us off with “Tunnel Vision”, a groove driven track with beautiful hi-hats leading the way to the vocal elements that then melt together in a symphony of energy. The title track “Pitch Black” then takes over the ride adding a darker flair to it. Underlined by spherical sounds, all elements are designed to make the track move continuously forward and climaxes in a powerful break.

From this clean and dark sound, we then turn around a corner and stand face to face with “Intergalactic”. A power tool that really hits you in the guts with its massive bassline that dynamically surrounds the drums and playful synth elements. “Date Night” is filled to the brim with drums and percussions in a constant groove modelled tune,

Christian Nielsen has again given us an interesting and diverse EP very true to his characteristic style. The tracks play on emotions between greatness and fierceness, and when listening to them it is hard to shake the feeling that they are aimed at stirring up the dance floor. No doubt that tech house lovers will find one or more favourites here.

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