Kenny Glasgow, Julian Jeweil, Kaiserdisco, and Victor Ruiz remix Input/Output by Christian Smith

Artist: Christian Smith
Remixers: Kenny Glasgow, Julian Jeweil, Kaiserdisco, and Victor Ruiz
Title: Input/Output Remixed Part One
Label: Tronic
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Techno

Christian Smith´s third album was a massive force of intelligent and hard striking techno music, and the Swedish DJ and producer naturally released ‘Input/Output’ on his own label, Tronic. Leaving nothing to the coincidence, each track in its own, unique way, contributed to the completeness of one of the biggest techno albums of 2016. Before the year comes to an end the first remixed package is released including tracks from Kenny Glasgow, Julian Jeweil, Kaiserdisco and Victor Ruiz, and it is with great expectation we dive into yet another exquisite Tronic music experience, but with a twist.

First off Kenny Glasgow put his hands on ‘Subzero’, transforming the track with clever moves and giving it a deep touch. The bassline expands and retracts in its form, working with the drums and percussion to create a satisfyingly addictive groove as the base for the incorporation of original elements. The track is kind of familiarly unfamiliar and carries Kenny´s characteristic sense of fun in it. French DJ and producer Julian Jeweil has really hit the essence in his work with ‘Initiate Sequence’, and delivers a top-notch techno rework in known Jeweil style. It is dark, forward driving, energised and on point with its vocal sequences and whipping hi-hats, making a proper techno tool for the dance floor.

We have seen Kaiserdisco on Tronic before, and there is no surprise when their remix of ‘Explanation’ strikes you in the gut, as a must have of high quality. They have a way of adding their own funkiness to the tracks, and again they have created a groove monster that catches the listeners right from the beginning with a kind of dark meets light atmosphere that lies somewhere in between synth, percussion and vocals. Master of the Moogs, Victor Ruiz is known for making music with a certain massiveness to it, and his remix of ‘Blast Off’ is no exception. He has created a force of a track with a solid bassline building the frame for the main synth. Strong and mighty the track builds up to a huge momentum exploding in an ecstatic dry fury of bass and synth designed for those goose bump moments on the dance floor.

As expected the first remix pack makes up a killer release, showing strengths of different kinds coming together. Every track carries its own Tronic embodiment but with strong artistic characteristics shining through, making them interesting and functional. No doubt these tracks will be heard a lot over the coming weeks/months.

01. Christian Smith – Subzero (Kenny Glasgow Remix)
02. Christian Smith – Initiate Sequence (Julian Jeweil Remix)
03. Christian Smith – Explanation (Kaiserdisco Remix)
04. Christian Smith – Blast Off (Victor Ruiz Remix)

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