Clarian’s ‘Television Days’ is a stunning arrangement of ambient and synth-pop influenced soundscapes

Artist: Clarian
Title: Television Days
Label: Balance Music
Single + LP release dates: 26th January + 23rd February 2018
Format: Digital + Physical (CD & Vinyl)

On February 23rd, Canadian DJ/Producer Clarian will release his highly anticipated debut LP, ‘Television Days’ on Balance Music so when it landed on the desk at the Decoded Magazine office I could not wait to take a listen.

The ever-enigmatic and distinctive, Clarian first gained notable recognition in the music scene via his former work in synth-pop duo Footprintz, releasing several highly-acclaimed singles as well as ‘Escape Yourself’ an album project that was co-produced with Ewan Pearson and released via Visionquest.

Since the release of the aforementioned long-player, Clarian has continued his sonic development, maintaining his imaginative semblance channelling this into his own signature recording techniques and collaborations. With releases on labels such as Kompakt, Turbo, Rumors, and Founders of Filth, Clarian has as well collaborated and engineered on several warmly received releases with Guy Gerber, Tiga, and recently Felix Da Housecat, and Jamie Principle on FOF’s debut release Vol 1.

Following an “unusual winter in Mexico in which he was exiled by a local cult”, Clarian turns his attention to his debut LP (under his own name), ‘Television Days’. The album, (influenced by a Casio found under the bed of an Airbnb), was created in Berlin during a tumultuous period and follows the tragic adventures of Kevin Jones, a down-and-out television scriptwriter living in West Hollywood who’s obsessed with Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and believes he’s being contacted by ancient astronauts.

“Television days is nothing fancy; but it’s good fun and it’s got guts.” – Kevin Jones

The journey begins with the opening track ‘Dedicated to Sagan’ which is a short intro filled with deep drawn out synths that lead to the retro sounding ‘Lost Again’. A track that would certainly not be out of place on any 80s dancefloor, and one I cannot get enough of at present.

‘Under The Sun’ sounds like something from Sci-Fi hit Stranger Things. It has that Indie Dance sound down to perfection. The synths are just sublime, and this is a mesmerising journey into all things deep and synthy. The remix package of this track is something to behold also… definitely one to keep an eye out for! ‘Tulum’ follows on perfectly and continues the synth journey in perfect style. If you are familiar with the sounds of Fairmont and crew on labels like Beachcoma and My Favorite Robot you will know exactly what I am talking about. Filled with deep intelligent keys and little hits of 303… Incredible!

The fifth track in is ‘Sleepers’ which is more of a downtempo track that, and pardon me for saying this, sounds like some pitched down version of A-ha. May I also say this is not a bad thing at all, and I absolutely love this track. What a gem! Perfect for those blissed-out beach days or Sunday afternoons. ‘Space Zap Forever’ is an electro breaks infused David Bowie-esque number that certainly continues that synth mood that is ever present throughout this LP. This really is an incredible track and one you must check out.

Next up is the dark and moody, even dystopian sounding ‘Mote of Dust’ which is a short snippet of sound before we follow on with ‘Down And Out’ which sees Clarian return back to that Indie Dance synth-infused techno sound. I would love to hear some dancefloor remixes of this track! Really great groove to it! Full of moody power!!! Next up is ‘West Hollywood’ which is a step into the light. This track is an electro-infused breakbeat delight. Deep sounding bass and lovely use of the 303 throughout. One of my favourites on this LP for sure!

The final track on this beautifully crafted LP is the title track, ‘Television Days’ and it is a great way to complete what is an incredible journey through all things synth. Clarian’s dreamy vocals weave through the track’s melancholic percolating beats with such finesse.

‘Television Days’ is a stunning arrangement of ambient and synth pop influenced soundscapes, and one I cannot recommend enough. If you like the Stranger Things soundtrack you need this in your collection.

01. Dedicated to Sagan
02. Lost Again
03. Under the Gun
04. Tulum
05. Sleepers
06. Space Zap Forever
07. Mote of Dust
08. Down and Out
09. West Hollywood
10. Television Days

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