Class Of 88 / This Is Acid Video Premiere (Richard Norris / Lee Fisher / Carly Boy)

After the incredible high of Ecstasy Club selling 30,000 copies of ‘Jesus Loves the Acid’ and the ultimate low of having his acid house night Ecstasy Club raided back in 1988, Carly Boy settled down to a much more rural life as a bee keeper in the beautiful surroundings of Warwickshire. Some might say that this is a completely different buzz from the strobe light and dry ice lifestyle. As years have gone by, Carly Boy has gained cult status within the acid house scene following ‘Jesus Loves the Acid’ receiving international recognition due to plays from Apex Twin, Carl Cox, CJ Bolland, Derek May, Glimmer Twins, Josh Wink, Soul Wax and Too Many DJ’s amongst others.

Due to his new found acid house royal status, Carly Boy began to receive a steady stream of retro inspired acid tracks from a new generation of young producers. Carly Boy would play these tracks on his trusty Land Raver car stereo driving to work at the bee farm. Inspired by this young new generation of acid house producers and after years of resisting the temptation to go back in the studio, Carly Boy took a leap of faith back in 2017 to work with IL Est Pecheur creating a new Ecstasy Club production; ‘Raw Power’.

Carly Boy sent his new material along with all of the demos to friend Richard Norris who suggested that there was enough material to embark upon on a compilation album…… ‘This is Acid – Volume 1’ was born almost 30 years to the day that ‘Jesus Loves the Acid’ was first created. Stung by the acid buzz and reignited with a blistering war chest of new material, Carly Boy retired from bee keeping and set up Class of 88 Recordings. Carly Boy plans to continue releasing the ever growing stock pile of acid treasures that still keep arriving. The material from ‘This is Acid – Volume 1’ was road tested by Richard Norris at this years Lunar Festival with scenes of acid hysteria from first hear plays of JLTA’s ‘Can You Feel it’ EP.

Release dates are As follows:
JLTA ‘Can You Feel it’ EP: Stream and Pre-order: 28/08/18
JLTA ‘Can You Feel it’ EP: Digital Release: 04/09/18
‘This is Acid – Volume 1’: Digital Release: 01/10/18
‘This is Acid – Volume 1’: Vinyl Release (300 Hand Printed Covers): 26/11/18 Turn On, Tune In, Stay Tuned!

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