“I was sucked into an oblivion by the Hotflush label boss and everyone in that dark, heavy headed main room was on the same journey. This was music for the mind, and a bassline for the soul.” The night I gave my heart to Scuba at Cocoon.

Cocoon… I’m gonna start right here – SCUBA!

It’s all I really wanna talk about right now – what a bloody captivating set!! If I could swear here then I would have right then, it was so good. Actually it’s gotta be amongst the top 3 sets of my whole summer here in Ibiza, but I kinda knew he was gonna hit a high one anyway. I’d only seen Scuba a few times before in London and every time were absolute belters! So much so that as soon as I saw him on Monday’s Cocoon line-up I knew I’d be there even just for him. A cheeky wee face showing his smile and skills for the second time at Cocoon this season which is the 16th one and the . Amnesia being my favourite club and Scuba knockin’ me out with his beats? My perfect evening…

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Cocoon’s got some hefty competition on a Monday night here with DC10 sportin CircoLoco and the line-ups are always tight to choose from with Sven regularly doin all night sets at his very own world renowned event and CircoLoco never failing to throw some bangin’ names at us for its 12 hour marathon (which, by the way, I always manage to last right through!) – but Scuba sucked me in as well as an all-nighter by Papa Sven which was a first for me. Sorry Circo, it’s a Cocoon night tonight! Sven Vath all night long in the Terrace, Scuba, Mind Against and Christian Burkhardt live in the main room, that’ll start my week VERY nicely!

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I arrived, I walked right into the main room, I didn’t leave the main room til Scuba did. I was sucked into an oblivion by the Hotflush label boss and everyone in that dark, heavy headed main room was on the same journey. This was music for the mind, and a bassline for the soul. The Len Faki edit of DJ Hyperactive ‘Wide Open’, one of Scuba’s tracks of the night (he had a whole lotta techno surprises up that sleeve of his). The main room was nicely packed out, I could still have a good flex without havin someone’s arm in my face or hair in my drink but he attracted a hefty following in that club alright. They’re a good match, Scuba and Amnesia main room.

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There was none of the usual ravey grid-like lasers and ice cannons that are the accessories for some artists through their set (which are awesome when the music’s right for it!!), it had more of a raw, dark warehousey feel tonight to compliment the vibes Scuba created. I loved what I heard and I wanted to love what I saw too so I found myself a platform on a height that I could see him play and watch what he was doing. Playing bright, eclectic techno, he had a real sweetness about him whilst he played, almost looking shy as he must have known the crowd was crazy about him and his beats. His dark eyes fixed on the tools in front of him at the same time as his body felt the music and moved with it.

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The Scuba-loving crowd was an enthusiastic one, friendly and exciteable, people turned to each other to high-five or just give that ‘look’ like ‘i’m thinkin what you’re thinkin – absolutely bangin eh!?” as he belted out the next stunning track, everyone wanted each other to know they were lovin’ it as much as the next person! I’ve said a million times before – music is the best people connector in the world and this was the exact sort of time I was reminded of that.

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Scuba’s 2 hour set isn’t by any means rushed (or rushy, rather) and he shaped a faultless flow, a build up through his beats, a journey and depth of melodies and basslines that hit me where it felt best, right in the chest yet still throwin in a few surprise ‘YASSS’ and all hands-in-the air moments when we didn’t expect them. A wee voice in my head kept peer pressuring me to go see Sven even just to do a little dance ‘n’ go to see what he was up to in the terrace but there was nothing moving me (well, apart from Scuba’s beats!). Sven was there all night long after all…

The Cocoon hero started the season by accepting a Legends Award at the International Music Summit for his outstanding commitment and contribution to the global music scene and Cocoon is the most consistent event on the island for careful planning, handpicking artists each week and evolving the techno of today. All down to Sven.

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I was in the heart of the Cocoon dancefloor when the sunrise BURST through the panels on the roof in blinding shades of orange, Sven’s charisma mirrored the bright morning sun. He was playful with his tunes this time (he had a more playful face too) fusing heavy techno with the likes of Caribou’s ‘Love Will Set You Free’, slotting perfectly into the morning setting in and it’s innocent new start. If Cocoon is to climb the ropes even more with it’s innovative, forward thinking techno then it’s 17th season is gonna be unreal!!

Once again, sorry Circo, this is a Cocoon victory right here. Cheers for that Sven!

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