Cologne based Jannowitz Records have garnered several of India’s top Techno guards for their next release ‘India Calling EP’

Artist: Ash Roy, Diatonik, Calmchor
Title: India Calling EP
Label: Jannowitz Records
Cat Num: JAW048
Release date: 18/06/2018
Genre: Techno

Cologne based Jannowitz Records have garnered several of India’s top Techno guards, who are clearly showing the new path to a minimalistic, non-noisy formula of the style in question, as is apparent, coming up one of the country’s finest Ash Roy, Calmchor and Diatonik rear their heads out in to a stomper package titled – “India Calling”.

The first of which – “Long Story” by Ash delivers a gratingly sweet Techno cut made for late night wanderings, inside a cocoon of subtle distortion offset squishing riffs that’s hypnotic fare. It’s a clever piece that contains a continuous sound wave with its diving pitch taking you lower and lower in to a never land you didn’t notice exists. Wily staccato kicks run along all throughout as fast as you can.

Hamburg based producer Ben Champell debuts on the label with a no nonsense remix of the same, he makes it darker in many ways, the pitch goes on higher which isn’t a bad thing, perhaps only production geeks will really notice it, but the effect lends the track an unusual feel, like a cackling, gurgling robot that’s just willing you on adding squiggles of syncopated rollers and a guttural bass squelch. Annoying? Sure. But who said dance music always needs to be demure?

Delhi based DJ/producer Calmchor gives you – “Power Fail”, often fashions his music from spacey science fiction films and so one gets a moody slightly lurching affair with minimalistic bass squelches and a powerful percussive foundation riding around a dark interior full of gaps and a wobbly machinery that has a design of its own. Spanish artist Emilio Rozalen aka Rosper converts the track with an interpretation of his own that doesn’t leave any gaps like there is in the original take, he fills it all up with sounds permeates the cracks, making it a moody dubby, percussive rework dotted with backspins and dramatic bass stabs.

Last one of the EP titled – “The Calling”, keeps an atmospheric feeling all over the track that huddles with clean vocal bits
that jostle with a deep bass encasing. There’s a reverberating clang and swells earlier on in the track, keeping this track
truer to a Techno cut, or at least more than the others, kind of the dungeon master of the whole pack, it would make a
smashing pick up the pace filler, but it’s more than that; it feels like the kind of track an ambitious DJ could build a set around. Diatonik seems settled in to this particular style more than ever, and should do well in future with soundscapes, when textures are dirtier and in the gritty space.

To finish things trust Drumcomplex to rework and whip the track into prime-time shape, and he does it admirably, punching into the bass register and letting tightly syncopated snares ratchet up the tension. It’s hair-raising, but even at high volume; it feels strangely quiet, like a forest clearing at dusk, where the mind races at shapes that disappear into thin air.

Great stuff!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.