Cologne Based Producer Thyladomid Returns With 14-Track LP Offering ‘Places’

Charles Thiemann aka Thyladomid returns with new album ‘Places’. Familiar to many through his work on Hamburg label Diynamic, the Cologne-based producer is recognised for his intuitive, deep melodic dance music and has found backing from the rest of the Diynamic family in Adriatique, Solomun, Kollektiv Turmstraße, HOSH, David August and Stimming.

His debut album ‘Interstellar Destiny’ presented a more introspective-style of music and this is expanded upon throughout his latest work. As the title suggests, ‘Places’ refers to locations which inspired him to write the album. This collection of tracks offers a higher level of complexity in the making of music, and he explains:

“The albums intention was that of an organically produced album with different moods. Instruments such as piano and violin, as well as field recording bring alive a special quality within the music. The bouncing of stones on a frozen pond recorded with multiple microphones, for example, provide an authentic spacious quality. The self-recorded percussion, sometimes quite exotic, were included in all of the tracks. This album combines synthetic sounds with traditional instruments. The piano and Prophet 6 and the Moog Sub37 were the main instruments used.”

Two and a half years in the making, ‘Places’ is a labour of love for Thyladomid, as he develops his production techniques and finely tunes the ability to push emotion through music. The idea behind the title ‘Places’ is particularly evident in track names such as ‘A Little Church in Amsterdam’, ‘Blossoming Limburg’, ‘Kollwitzplatz’, ‘Parcque Gell’ and ‘Lost In Istanbul’. These tracks reflect the connections Thyladomid has with the respective places they reference. For example, ‘Kollwitzplatz’ is a small park in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg which was his home for 2 years. ‘Parcque Gell’ is Thyladomid’s favourite spot in Barcelona and shows it’s laissez faire and easy way of living. In contrast to this, ‘Lost In Istanbul’ revolves around oriental sound structures and symbolises the chaotic city of the Bosporus.

Attractive melodies flourish from the inaugural track and continue throughout the album, with various other integrations and musical influences. Thyladomid employs the use of real musical instruments and percussion as well as field-recorded samples, such as children talking in ‘Kollwitzplatz’; alongside birds and running water in some of the other tracks. The melodies are both heart-warming and futuristic in their parameters. They gain a centrifugal force in some places, creating a big listening experience as the whole album is directed to entertain you in a smart and distinguished way.

Once again Chales enlists a sturdy collaboration with Mahfoud, who previously featured on his album ‘Interstellar Destiny’. Mahfoud delivers lyrics on ‘Blossoming Limburg’ and ‘Places’; both profound vocal house tracks with a tone of enchantment that comes from Mahfoud’s specialist influence. Elsewhere, Mario Hammer and the Lonely Robot bring big synth lines and strings on tracks ‘Morgenhain’ and ‘The Last Day’. Effectively using an array of methods which are unconventional to electronic music production, Thyladomid creates a distinctive and incredibly pleasing sound.

Thyladomid – ‘Places’
A Little Church In Amsterdam
Four Friends
Blossoming Limburg ft. Mahfoud
Morgenhain ft. Mario Hammer and the Lonely Robot
Underwater Rhapsody
Night Owl
Parcque Güell
Places ft. Mahfoud
Reversed Soul
Lost In Istanbul
The Last Day ft. Mario Hammer and the Lonely Robot

‘Places’ is released OUT NOW through Traum Shallplatten

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