Sahar Z and Guy Mantzur are in a state of temporary sanity thanks to Cornucopia

Artist: Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z
Title: Temporary Sanity (Cornucopia Remix)
Label: Lost & Found
Released: Out Now!
Genre: Tech House

Originally released on the duos critically acclaimed, ‘Time’ album back in 2014, we get this everlasting groover back on Guy J’s Lost & Found label, this time round with a lone remix from Cornucopia.

‘Temporary Sanity’ as an original is as good as any Tech House chugger, yet Cornucopia manages to distill oodles of summery lines flitting around like a butterfly around a garden of budding blooms. The bass line is hot and crisp; the flow of percussives is extraordinarily tight, woven with silken threads and mood enhancing pads pulsing, flying around this way and that with incredible joie d vivre.

This one should find its way easily into a whole load of record bags for the entire length of these summer months, primarily cause it’s a good, solid rework of what is familiar, but then again think twice.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.