Guy J returns under his Cornucopia guise with a sensational EP on microCastle

Artist: Cornucopia
Title: The Pursuit Of The Orange Butterfly EP
Label: microCastle
Released: Out Now!
Genre: Progressive

Fresh from the studios of Tel Aviv, Guy J is back under his Cornucopia guise on the mighty microCastle label, responsible for putting out some of the finest deepest progressive tracks of recent times. We first got a taste for just how great this alias of Guy’s could be when he smashed out a couple of warm, sentimental tracks on the Shanti Radio Moscow imprint. Support from the mighty Hernan Cattaneo soon followed and we were introduced to something we now know is going to be pretty special.

The title track of this 3-piece release is in keeping with the Guy J style. Deep, moving, well thought out music. We certainly know he can produce a track and a half, and here is absolutely no exception. With a rhythm and lead melody reminiscent of the early Deadmau5 productions (think Faxing Berlin), only with a little more feeling and atmosphere and ambiance. The soaring, sweeping strings are what’s key here for me though. Just that added layer of warmth to the track is fourth dimensional and dreamy. Like a musical hot water bottle this track!

Next is a track called ‘Neverland’, a more techno based track than the ‘Orange Butterfly’, but equally as emotive. Atmospheric, deep, sound effects are dominant at the beginning of the track and some twinkly high notes are used to good effect which seem to go hand in hand with the rumbling, thundery bassline lurking underneath. Strings again are used to great effect in this track, not quite as much here as in the opener, but still sounding heavenly. Strings in a dance music track will always be welcome for me!

Last up, the piece de resistance, the centrepiece, the jewel in the crown for me. ‘The Mountains Of The Moon’. What a track this is! To be honest, it’s one of those tracks that you just need to listen to, to understand, but I’ll describe it as best I can. When someone mentions the word ‘melody,’ what do you think of? A twinkling, euphoric, high pitched riff? Not this melody. Played to great effect at the lower end of the spectrum, the bassy melody is spine tingling, it sits nicely over a chugging, bouncy rhythm, that will take yours and any DJ’s set to that next level!