Cosmic Pineapple returns for the 12-hour high-vibes mini-festival of magic and music at Pikes Ibiza

Over six special summer dates, from 4pm – 4am, enter the rainbow and explore the cosmic and creative realms…

Visit a healer, practice yoga and meditation, receive esoteric wisdom, learn about the earth, create, shop in the cosmic bazaar, swim in the pool, eat delicious food, listen to inspiring talks, relax to the vibrations of sound healing, dance your energy high in the Space Rave to visionary DJs – including resident Cici, who will play every event, alongside a secret line-up of some of dance music’s most in-demand DJs (previous guests have included Carl Craig, Cassy, Jamie Jones, Josh Wink, Ellen Allien, Ida Engberg, Richie Ahmed…) and with the event hosted by a true mystery of the cosmos, BayBJane… All whilst supporting a cause outside of yourself (all profits from each event go to a selected charity)… as the mystery unfolds around and within you.

As the events have evolved, we now step up a vibration into Mysteries of the Cosmos.

We start with Rainbow on May 21 – which unites all the colours of the chakras and rises us into our rainbow bodies – holding the deeper meaning of unity – we are all one. The events are cosmically curated so the teachings, the dress and the music are curated with this theme in mind!

On the events, during the day, from 4pm – 10pm, is when we experience the Cosmic Activation Dome. Here some of the island’s finest teachers share their wisdom, as well as guest talks from people such as Daniel Pinchbeck, who last year spoke about his latest book, How Soon Is Now and how the world needs to change, and Shaman Durek, who, on the closing event last year whirled a packed dome into the shamanic realms. You can also get your tarot cards read, receive a massage or energy healing in the Healing Garden, dance and connect around the pool, take part in a creative project or maybe get your soul’s song sung on the highest point of Pikes, shop for beautiful clothes in the Once Upon A Time Cosmic Bazaar and we also have a children’s area to create and enjoy.

During the night from 10pm – 4am, we explore the dance. Since ancient cultures, the dance, lead by the beat of the drum have allowed humans to express and move energy, whirling in trance and elevating to higher states. In the Space Rave, the magic of dance music is guided by some of the most powerful energies in dance in the intimate space of the Freddie Mercury’s old Pikes Suite (fitted with a Void sound system). Cici is our resident and with previous guests like Carl Craig, Cassy, Jamie Jones, Josh Wink, Ellen Allien, Ida Engberg and Richie Ahmed, you never know who else will pop up…

This year, Cosmic Pineapple’s charity focus (the events have so far raised over €20,000 for different causes) is on climate change and we will begin by bringing awareness to where we are now and the alternatives of what is possible. Cosmic Pineapple will be working with Ibiza Preservation Foundation and Ibiza Fenix to bring awareness and give options, as well as ongoing creative and ecological projects across the summer (like last year when we asked Pikes and other Ibiza venues to save their plastic straws and bottles and made art projects from the waste). We will be exploring understanding where we are now and offering within the day time activities and teachings how we can better care for ourselves, each other and our beautiful planet. The market stalls in the Cosmic Bazaar will be only eco products and locally sourced natural products.

Pikes are also in support, with no plastic straws available and no single-use plastics. They are also working the KM Zero Project for hotel guests, purifying the natural well water source for all guests. By these moves, Pikes are eliminating over 11,000 plastic bottles per year. Pikes are also working with a local farmer to provide farm fresh local and seasonal produce for their restaurant food menu.

Cosmic curator Kim Booth puts all her energy and experience from 18 years working in dance music and over 10 years of spiritual and ceremonial studies.

“Change begins inside and we can begin to honour this beautiful planet by caring for our body, mind and spirit, which is how the day and night events are curated. When we love and care for ourselves, we naturally care for our Earth and each other. Cosmic Pineapple holds a wealth of teachers for you to meet and learn from (and not all are holding official classes – some you may meet at the bar, or in the market, or on the dance floor). One of my favourite quotes is from Carl Jung “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed” and this is the magical, alchemical ingredients of the events – the people. I learn from every single person I meet at the events. A lot of what I bring to the events is what I would also like to learn (like planting vegetables and caring for your garden, breath work, transforming plastic waste) or what has worked for me in my journey so far. Here I fuse the magic of the music with the magic of the mystic, something I am becoming closer and closer to. This is a call to the magical ones, born on this planet to make a change. The ones who know that something else exists beyond our physical perception. Step into your creative, magical self, and let spirit do the rest. I would like to share this poem I wrote a few years ago…

In your dreams imagination unfolds
Layers of perception
Tales untold
Heart opens to the divine creative dance
A star’s energetic vibration
The moon’s magical embrace…
You awake.
Reach for the realms above and below
Unable to touch with the physical hand, or to see with the naked eye
Yet you feel, you know
You are already here
It is inside
Magic Exists

Dance – Connect – Create… Transformation Awaits…

Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes
Mysteries of the Cosmos

May 21 – Rainbow
June 11 – Ancient Secrets
July 2 – Earth Magik
July 16 – Dreamland
August 13 – Get Your Freak On
September 24 – Star Child

Ian French
About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and Progressive House. If he was to describe his preferred style of music he would probably describe it simply as electronic music. Besides his love for music and DJing his other passions are fine cuisine, wine, and travel.