Coyu rallies around fellow DJ fighting a rare disease and needs your help

In an open penned Facebook post last night, Spanish techno and house artist Coyu made an impassioned plea to fellow DJs and fans to support his donations to fellow DJ Nemanja Ivanovic aka DJ Manya who has been diagnosed with a rare disease. His full statement and link to donate are below

This Friday I’m going to play for first time in Belgrade (Serbia). It’s a Suara Night with Tube & Berger but I’m not going to spam you with flyers and info, about the party, because I’d like to make you aware there’s a local artist (Nemanja Ivanovic aka DJ Manya) that’s unfortunately been diagnosed with a rare form of malignant disease (desmoplastic small round cell sarcoma).

The treatment in a German (Flensburg) clinic is long and expensive (around 120.000 Euros). I’ve donated half of my DJ fee + the half of Suara’s branding fee to help Nemanja. It’s just a very small % of what he needs in total for all his the medical costs so that’s why I’d like to ask the worldwide electronic music scene (and you) to give Nemanja a chance and help him pay for his treatment.

DJs can earn more money in one night than what many people earn in one month, a year or sometimes in a whole life! We earn more money than we deserve. Sometimes it’s even offensive. We’re not doctors, we are not vets, we don’t save lives, we are just entertainers but we earn 2, 5, 50 times more money making you dance for 1 or 2 hours than what a doctor earns for saving your life in a 10 hour surgery. We cannot close our eyes to the social reality and just spend our life drinking Mojitos on the beach and enjoy life like as if we were the centre of the world. We are very lucky. Extremely lucky. We have to do something.

I try to help street and abandoned cats, why? Because I love cats and not so many people care about them. But believe me when I say that I feel very sorry watching the news and seeing humans (people like you and me) walking for thousands of miles carrying children trying to arrive in Europe to get a life. Just a life. I also feel very sorry when I see a 22 year old fellow DJ is fighting for his life, so that’s why I want to help Nemanja, and that’s why I would love the worldwide electronic music scene (and you) help Manja too.
We’re here for the same reason: the music. BUT today it’s not about House or Techno. This is not about underground or mainstream neither. This is about life or death.

If you want to help Nemanja to keep fighting please make your donation here:

Your Big Cat.
Iván (Coyu)

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