Crate Digging With Andrew Wowk – January 2018

In a monthly series, our in-house selector Andrew Wowk lists his top 10 essential picks for the month.

#1. Memorial Home – Silver (AWB Remix) [Rapid Eye Movement]

Deep, hypnotic, and soulful techno that will take dancefloors onto a trip into the deepest recesses of their consciousness and back again.

#2. Will Saul & Tee Mango Present Primitive Trust – Tejon (Tee Mango’s Dub) [Aus Music]

A blissful bit of swinging summertime house music that expertly combines elements of Detroit and New York with a Latin edge.

#3. 1954 – Colored Lies [Project: Mooncircle]
Razor-sharp drums and dark, grimy bass are offset by melancholy monophonic synths in this twisted-yet-beautiful slice of future beats.

#4. Iakovos – Evil Flower [Bliq]
Driving, snappy electro beats snake around reverbed vocal snippets, gritty analogue bass stabs and creepy pads.

#5. H4L – Hell For Leather [Astray]
A killer leftfield electronica/techno hybrid that utilises skittering beats, choppy percussion, and grainy synths to excellent effect.

#6. Marcus Worgull – Skango [Innervisions]
Deep house meets dub in this warm, chilled-out ride complete with loads of tape delay and big sub bass hits.

#7. Earth Boys – Big Time (Khotin’s Omega Trek Mix) [Public Release]

Uplifting pianos, sparkling atmospherics, filtered breakbeats, and squelchy 303’s – what more do you need?

#8. Kromestar & Danny Scrilla – Like Thunder [Library Music]

Proper dubstep flavours: Growling, thudding sub bass, reverbed percussion, and plenty of space between the beats.

#9. Textasy – Blow Your Head [Craigie Knowes]
An absolutely absurd 90’s rave breaks revival banger. Check the vocal samples from numerous rave classics and the face-melting acid lead.

#10. Yotam Avni – Avka [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
A subtle, spaced-out trip through crunchy metallic percussion, tribal rhythms, and otherworldly synths.

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About the Author

Andrew is a DJ, producer, and writer from Sydney, Australia. He loves a wide range of underground electronic music, and loves talking about it as much as he does listening to it. He might have strong opinions, but they're formed on the basis of years of experience and the depth of knowledge that comes from them.