Crate Digging with Andrew Wowk – December 2019

Our in-house selector Andrew Wowk delivers his crate essentials for December 2019

Carl Finlow – Black Ice [Fanzine Records]

Equal parts gritty and uplifting, this hefty slice of modern electro harks back to the golden era of progressive breaks with its aesthetic.

Tominori Hosoya – Summer Sun Shower [Soiree Records International]

A lush, synth-driven journey that would make the original Detroit pioneers proud.

Arkajo – Zenit [Aniara Sweden]

One half of Genius of Time delivers a deep, introspective breakbeat brimming with atmosphere.

Julia Govor & Barbara Ford – Anything To Fill The Void [Anagram Holland]

Twisted, hypnotic techno made for small rooms with minimal lighting thanks to its snaking sine waves and whispered vocals.

Chiraya – Rabiat [Ploink Norway]

The only word that can really do this track justice is “wonky.” A total mind melter in the best way possible.

Atom™ & Tobias – Zahlenraum (Edit) [Pomelo]

Two of the best when it comes to unique sound design team up once again for this driving, grimy syncopated techno ride.

Orbe – Agdam [Plus 8]

Orbe is a brilliant artist who has flown under the radar for years with his stripped-down, heady, modular techno sound, but now is finally getting a well-deserved chance to shine on the legendary Plus 8 imprint.

Robert James – Break Mode [Body Movement]

Subtle, hazy chords and atmospheric pads gently float over a rolling breakbeat groove in this warm deep house cut.

Deepchild – Stole (The Burning) [DCR]

Dusty garage-infused techno that channels Burial’s early aesthetic and injects rough, distorted mechanical sounds to give it a modern twist.

DJ Die & Pinch – Jungle Reflection [GutterFunk]

A true legend and a modern virtuoso come together to deliver a dark tribal workout that seamlessly stitches together elements from garage, jungle, and techno.

About the Author

Andrew is a DJ, producer, and writer from Sydney, Australia. He loves a wide range of underground electronic music, and loves talking about it as much as he does listening to it. He might have strong opinions, but they're formed on the basis of years of experience and the depth of knowledge that comes from them.