Crate Digging with Andrew Wowk – December

Our in-house crate digger Andrew Wowk hunts down twelve essential tracks you might of missed in December

  1. Señora – Atropoceno [Lurid Music]

Sounding like something that could easily have made the cut for the soundtrack of one of the Borderlands games, this is a lush, contemplative, and expansive trip through analogue electronics, reverbed guitar plucks, and tripped-out vocal samples.

  1. Richard Devine – Sinscur [BL_K Noise Records]

Thirteen minutes of twisted sound design and sonic exploration embedded in a driving breakbeat techno framework that has surprises lurking around every corner. 

  1. Ani Klang – The Problem = (A.Fruit Remix) [Hyperboloid Records]

One fast-rising star remixes another fast-rising star’s hardcore/noise belter into a dark, brooding jungle roller that channels late 90s tech-step flavours while injecting some contemporary experimental influences.

  1. WhoMadeWho & Mano Le Tough – Oblivion [KOMPAKT]

What seems like a surprising collaboration on paper was clearly meant to be. Swaying, echoed vocals, grainy melodic washes, and driving bass growls come together beautifully to create a warm, enveloping house/electronica journey.

  1. Tsimtsum – Balete [Feel Raw Audio]

Noisy, droning, and dusty experimental techno full of grit, controlled chaos, and a pervasive sense of unease.

  1. LDS – Kgtrs [Monnom Black]

Basic Channel would be proud. Proving that dub techno doesn’t always have to be an exercise in navel-gazing, the up-tempo, slamming groove carries the lush chords and echoed atmospheric sounds and creates a engaging, tense energy.

  1. Alex Banks – Tephra [Mesh]

Brash, rugged, and skull-reverberating breakbeats and bass stabs underlie uplifting melodic sparkles and a bold synth lead.

  1. Sandilé – Just Like U and Me [Black Catalogue]

An absolutely lush, spacious liquid drum & bass cut that flips a well-known vocal sample on its head and surrounds it with subtle pads, tight drum breaks, and heavy sub bass hits.

  1. Muqata’a – Dirasat ‘Ulya دِراسات عُليا [Hundebiss Records]

The first single from the Ramallah-based artist who uses Simya’ (an ancient Arabic practice of combining numbers and letters to communicate with the unseen) as a guiding principle for his productions, this is a wild combination of traditional Arabic influences, breakcore, and experimental noise.

  1. Deniro – Tainted [трип]

Funky, sci-fi techno flavours from the Netherlands-based producer released on Nina Kraviz’s boundary-pushing label. This is a match made in heaven for anyone who subscribes to the idea that techno is futuristic music.

  1. Taymore Zadeh – Life Goes On [Superlux Records]

Aciiiiieeeeeed! Quality 303-led tech house grooves available as a “Name Your Price” download courtesy of Superlux Records getting into the Christmas spirit.

  1. Sebra Cruz – Siebel [Life And Death]

Organic, orchestral melodies are criminally underused in more dancefloor-oriented electronic music, but Sebra Cruz is here to remind us that subtle piano loops and melancholy strings sound great over choppy breakbeats and shuffled percussion.

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About the Author

Andrew is a DJ, producer, and writer from Sydney, Australia. He loves a wide range of underground electronic music, and loves talking about it as much as he does listening to it. He might have strong opinions, but they're formed on the basis of years of experience and the depth of knowledge that comes from them.