Crate Digging with Andrew Wowk – February

Our in-house selector digs deep with 10 essentials you may have missed in February

  1. C&G Southsystem – Dual EP B1 (Honey Dijon Re-Rub) [Conform Records]

Honey Dijon remixes a classic from Gaetano Parisio’s back catalogue, injecting it with some contemporary attitude while maintaining the machine funk aesthetic of the original.

  1. Hanisii – Klondike 404 [Time In The Special Practice Of Relativity]

A tripped-out, relentlessly building chunk of dark, brooding house music that will take you to places in your mind you didn’t even know existed.

  1. Audiojack Feat. Kevin Knapp – Under Your Skin (Pearson Sound Skeleton Dub) [Crosstown Rebels]

Heavy low end, tight drums, gritty vocal samples, and trippy bleeps come together on this remix from the Hessle Audio co-owner.

  1. Mike Gill – Rubber Duckee (Desert Sound Colony Remix) [Superlux]

A chunky but funky acid, electro, and breakbeat hybrid with some killer edits and effects that keep things interesting.

  1. BinaryFunction – We Will Destroy [Science Cult]

Dark and deadly electro that fuses hypnotic, sci-fi sound design with crunchy beats and squelchy acid.

  1. John Tejada – Anchorites [Kompakt]

A standout cut from the LA-based artist’s latest album, this is quintessential Tejada: analogue drum rhythms, clever effects, and lush melodies.

  1. Deano – Semantics [Symbolism]

The South African rising star’s debut on Ben Sims’ recently revived Symbolism imprint is a must-have for fans of tough, percussive, groove-led techno.

  1. Ke Thu – Is Separated From Itself [Detroit Underground]

Playfully exploring the outer fringes of techno, house, and electronica primarily through modular synthesis, Ke Thu create a warm, enveloping soundscape underpinned by shuffling broken beats.

  1. Souldynamic Feat. Rich Medina – Addiction (Mike Huckaby Remix) [Excedo Records]

Layering Rich Medina’s engaging and powerful monologue about living in the moment over a lush, four-to-the-floor deep house groove demonstrates exactly why Huckaby was one of the greats.

  1. Muqata’a – Ikmal إِكمَال [

This is mad beat scientist music with a message. Utilising an energetic combination of thunderous beats, wonky percussion, samples from classic Arabic music, and local field recording from his native Palestine, Muqata’a makes a powerful statement about the erasure of Palestinian history.

  1. Basic Soul Unit – Drifting Souls [Lab.our]

A reflective, soulful slice of Detroit-inspired techno that doesn’t skimp on the thump, combining energetic drum grooves with sparkling, emotive melodies.

  1. Floor Twenty – Say My Name [Extra Spicy]

Banging footwork jungle full of heavy drums, chopped-up vocals, and chunky sub bass from the Sydney artist who channels the spirit of Chicago.

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