Crate digging with Andrew Wowk – January

Our in-house selector Andrew Wowk lays down his 10 essential tracks from January

Tendts – Eternal [Public Release Recordings]

A joyful slab of Balearic nu disco that conjures images of vibrant sunsets and endless horizons.

CV313 – Belle Isle Symphonics [Minimood]

Deep, heady dub techno that utilises minor chords and analogue delays to excellent effect. Let the whole twelve minutes ride out – it’s worth it.

Carlota – Your Destination [Trip]

Nina Kraviz’s label continues its journey through the exciting cosmic space where IDM and techno meet, with Carlota delivering a wonky, hypnotic, funked-out groove and trippy vocals.

Clavis – Floyd (Remix) [Freerange Records]

This driving, uplifting house banger that takes influences from Italo disco and electro is the ultimate way to end a set on a high note.

6th Borough Project – Find Your Rhythm (Jad & The Remix) [Fifty Fathoms Deep]

Lush chords, shuffling organic percussion, and clever vocal samples come together on this warm, soulful house ride.

Marco Passarani – Get Down [Offen Music]

Taken from his first solo album in over a decade, this chunk of raucous acid house from one half of Tiger & Woods feels like it would have been at home in Ron Hardy’s record bag back in the 80’s in Chicago.

Nkisi – VII [UIQ]

Lo-fi, distorted breakbeat with a contemplative, melancholy edge.

Julia Govor & Jeroen Search – You Are The Machine [Pushmaster Discs]

Slamming machine-led grooves. A must-have for anyone who likes their techno funky, up-tempo, and clinical.

Shcaa – An Ungrateful Death [R&S Records]

Seriously off-kilter, wigged-out minimal house that incorporates chopped-up electric guitar samples, murmured vocals, and razor sharp drums.

DJ Overdose – Shocker [Turn It Down Music]

Gritty, low-down electro sounds full of tripped-out atmospherics, ominous atmospherics, and propelled by a driving bassline groove.

About the author

Andrew is a DJ, producer, and writer from Sydney, Australia. He loves a wide range of underground electronic music, and loves talking about it as much as he does listening to it. He might have strong opinions, but they're formed on the basis of years of experience and the depth of knowledge that comes from them.