Crate Digging with Andrew Wowk – November

Our in-house selector Andrew Wowk digs deep with Novembers DJ crate essentials

Aether – N.62 [Crosstown Rebels]

A beautiful, spacious trip through warm chords, stripped down percussion, and ethereal atmospherics.

Alex Jann – Robotic Prayer [DMK]

Deep, analogue electro that returns to the genre’s sci-fi roots.

Fabrice Lig – Gazoline [Integrity Records]

Gritty, grainy techno propelled by a catchy acid line and crunchy, mechanical percussion.

Ladymonix – Baby [Frizner Electric]

Sometimes less really is more. A simple, New York house groove with tight beats, warm chords, and chopped up diva vocals that catches your attention and doesn’t let go.

Traversable Wormhole – Geodesic Motion [Sonic Groove]

Adam X returns under his more leftfield, minimal alias for another delve into spaced-out, hypnotic techno.

Change Request – Shatter Proof (Anthony Nicholson Instrumix) [Fresh Meat]

A delightful little Chicago house jam that moves the heart and the feet in equal measure.

Davide Piras – Pangaea Heritage [Blackaxon]

A warm, heady electro transmission from the deep reaches of space.

Subradeon – Each One, Teach One [Character]

Detroit meets Italy on this lush, driving techno jam perfect for late night dancefloors.

Larry Quest – Conun Drums [Delusions Of Grandeur]

One for the percussion fiends, this is a jiving tribal vibe with bonus warm chords and vocal shouts.

Dampé – 727 & Arp Breaks [Dirt Crew Recordings]

Beautiful, organic deep house that carefully balances depth with drive.

Portrait – Halo [Our Circula Sound]

Tough, crisp beats and sinister pads make for a twisted slice of breakbeat techno.

Storb – The Donut Theory (Scalameriya Remix) [Elements]

Absolutely vicious industrial techno that takes brutal sound design into crunchy new directions

About the Author

Andrew is a DJ, producer, and writer from Sydney, Australia. He loves a wide range of underground electronic music, and loves talking about it as much as he does listening to it. He might have strong opinions, but they're formed on the basis of years of experience and the depth of knowledge that comes from them.