In-house selector Andrew Wowk drops 20 MUST have tracks from the last 8 weeks. Get your crates ready!

  1. London Modular Alliance – Black Powder [Applied Rhythmic Technology]

Funky, chunky, entirely-analogue electro grooves with sub-rattling low end, quirky effects, and robotic aesthetics.

  1. Source Direct – Street Wars [Tempo Records]

The legendary pioneer of the “call-and-response” production technique returns with a sharp and techy stepper. 

  1. Delay Grounds – Are We There Yet? [Lapsus Records]

A psychedelic, percussive, experimental techno/breakbeat crossover that combines rough drums with pitch-shifted vocals and washed-out pads.

  1. E-Dancer – Rock To The Beat (Special Request Remix) [Drumcode]

The legendary Paul Woolford dons his Special Request alias to remix the equally legendary Kevin Saunderson’s Detroit techno classic, giving it a contemporary edge without losing the original’s soul.

  1. Chris Stussy – A Glimmer of Hope [Kaoz Theory]

The Amsterdam-based producer channels the soul of New York on this lush deep house cut.

  1. Stef Mendesidis – Wurlitzer Machinery [Klockworks]

Deep, grinding techno driven by a warm, consistent chord sequence from the classic eponymous electronic organ.

  1. CYRK – Intergalactic Refugees [CHILDHOOD]

Spaced-out, wiggly electro funk that gives a loving nod to the early Detroit pioneers.

  1. Geistech – Presente (Johnny Aux Mix) [Science Cult]

Densely packed with detail, this low-slung, hazy slice of electronica rewards multiple listens.

  1. RQ – Bunker [none60]

One for the deep heads, RQ channels early Photek with tight, steppy drums, chunky bass stabs, and subtle atmospherics.

  1. Marco Shuttle – Through The Cobalt Desert [Incienso]

Field recordings blended with modular synthesis, drum machines, effects and analogue oscillators to create a spaced-out, ritualistic rhythm.

  1. Jeroen Search – The Foot Of The Centaur [Axis/The Escape Velocity]

Swirling, dusty pads snake around a driving TR-909 groove, creating just the right amount of tension for this sci-fi techno trip.

  1. Hassan Abou Alam – Cluttered [Needs]

A dusty, bleeped-out breakbeat roller from the fast-rising Egyptian artist.

  1. Ladymonix – The Nerve [Frizner Electric]

Equal parts dancefloor ready and deeply heady, this is a delicious blend of warm chords, soulful vocals, and wobbly acid.

  1. Argy – Damanhur (Loew Remix) [Renaissance Records]

Harking back to the golden era of progressive breaks, this beautiful, uplifting journey is a perfect set closer.

  1. Mark E – Rain [18437 Records]

One of the finest purveyors of deep and atmospheric house music delivers another classy journey of synth pads and warm chords.

  1. Random Alias – Automat [Breakfast On Mars]

Tense, ethereal electro with just the right amount bite.

  1. Jolly Mare – Il Capriccio [International Feel]

Sounding like something from a one-man band from the late Seventies conferring with a studio wizard from the 2020s, the multi-instrumentalist’s opus is a Balearic treat.

  1. Tim Reaper & Kloke – Tensity [TempoCore]

The first release from the Tempo Records sub-label delivers mesmerising, deep jungle that combines elements of past, present, and future.

  1. KETTAMA – Move Like Vibert [Steel City Dance Discs]

Stomping, euphoric breakbeat with huge sub bass hits and some cheeky sampling of a classic LFO tune.

  1. Cluster Lizard – Multibalance And Immensity | Різновага I Невимірність

Inspired by the 1971 book “Star Corsair” by Ukrainian science fiction writer Oles Berdnyk, the multidisciplinary duo deliver a grinding, psychedelic, and cinematic piece of machine music.

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