Cristian Vogel launches new label named Endless Process

Cristian Vogel is a long-term innovator in the composition, mixing and performance of electronic sounds. Spanning over 25 years in the vanguard of European electronic music, his work has been acknowledged as an outstanding influence in the fields of composition for stage, club culture and studio.

“Endless Process is a label that wants to re-frame artistic freedom and explore a holistic method toward artistic fulfilment with none of the old music business dogmas in the way. We want recording artists to feel satisfied, productive and expressive whilst maintaining the highest production values. That’s why an album like ‘2 point 5 step pets’ can explore so much with its beautiful long-form structures. Long durations are perfectly acceptable in the new label paradigm, for example.” – Cristian Vogel

The first release is an album by Danish composer/producer, Bjørn Svin released on 15 March.

Ian French
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