Cubase Elements, Dorico Elements, WaveLab Elements, and Absolute Collection are available free of charge for 60 days

In light of COVID-19, software developers around the world are offering up free versions of their software for producers locked at home. Steinberg is doing the same for four of its products. Cubase Elements, Dorico Elements, WaveLab Elements and the Absolute Collection are available to worldwide customers, free for 60 days. It’s being labelled by the brand as the #StayHome Elements Collection. You can take advantage of this offer until 15th May 2020 so don’t waste any time…

Elements of nature
Cubase Elements will grant you the use of 64 MIDI tracks, 48 audio tracks, 24 VST instrument tracks, 46 VST audio effects and three VST instruments to use in a single project. You’ll have access to over 1000 instrument sounds, Chord Pads, MixConsole, Groove Agent SE 5 and Sampler Track, giving you everything you need to turn your ideas into music, regardless of skill level.

WaveLab Elements provides you with the essentials to master your music. Audio with a sample rate of up to 96kHz is supported, with a maximum of three tracks to load into a single project.

Dorico Elements helps you write music notation, producing the notes and playing it back with “breathtaking realism”, Steinberg says. “It is easy enough for anyone to learn, yet has hundreds of advanced notations, features, options and sounds to satisfy even the most demanding professionals”, the brand continues. The Elements version allows for 12 players per project, seven clef presets, single format bar numbers and key signatures up to 7 flats/sharps.

Creative bundle
Usually priced at £429, the Absolute Collection boasts a whopping 100GB of audio content fit for all musical styles and genres. You’ll be able to explore over 6,800 presets with modern, intuitive synths including HALion 6 and a range of granular, wavetable and virtual analogue synths. Also included is acoustic sample libraries for orchestra, strings and piano, and impressive drums, percussion and beats with Groove Agent.

To get access to the StayHome bundle, you just need to create a Steinberg ID account. Find out more here.


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