New Parisian house label, Curiosity Music plans launch party with Alexi Delano and Nobody Home

Curiosity Music presents
October 14th 2016
Nouveau Casino


Curiosity Music, new Parisian label launched in June 2016, starts with a bang:
Lodestar Bang, a promising first EP by Alexi Delano, big name of techno/minimal sphere. The globetrotter offers two new tracks plus three remixes concocted by Nobody Home and Nima Khak. Scheduled on October 3rd, the release of this EP will be accompanied by a first Release Party on October 14th at Nouveau Casino in Paris.

The story starts with Swann Decamme, a man who’s been living in Paris since the autumn of 2014. Crazy with electro music, this young DJ and producer has a knack for communicating his positive energy to all the people he meets in the capital city, be it by day or by night. As months went by, he soon built a gang of people mixing friends, among whom Jeremy Morales, and techno or minimal DJs, parties, clubs and festivals lovers! Coming from diverse horizons, together they decided to launch a huge collective project: give birth to a new techno/minimal label. Codename: Curiosity Music.

“We DJs and producers are all very happy to see that the French scene is coming back so strong! Great new artists and new clubs have been popping up. I can’t wait to return for Curiosity Music’s first Release Party in Paris.” – Swann Decamme

Among the first to answer their call, the techno/ minimal heavyweight Alexi Delano has been chosen to open up this new artistic human venture. This will come to life on October 3rd with the digital and vinyl releases of a first EP entitled Lodestar Bang, the result of a great collaboration between Alexi Delano and the much talented Nobody Home aka Marcus Henriksson (Minilogue) and Nima Khak, one of the worthiest representatives of the new Swedish scene. A mature and intense EP Curiosity Music’s project fully participates in the new bubbling electro Parisian scene.