D-Nox & Beckers launch production masterclass

Anyone keeping an eye on Techno and Progressive House over the past two decades would have noticed an uptick in industrial sounds and noisy textures. The change has played out in underground parties as well as big festival stages, where high-tempo, aggressive fare has become almost de jour. With ever more artists working in this aesthetic, it’s becoming harder for producers to stand out from the noise.

D-Nox & Beckers have never had this problem. The music they have released has often been unmatched in its field, thanks to an intensity of personal feeling that comes through their work. The hallmark of their music has always featured a huge sense of scale, kick drums like a boot to the jaw, a preference for end-of-days atmospheres—few match the emotional heft of this duos legacy toward dance music and this sound is no fad. It’s a deadly serious means of self-expression, and a way of reflecting on the myriad ills of the world today, which I am sure they feel with a sometimes paralysing gravity.

Perhaps one of the main reasons, from which stems the desire to speak and propose making sounds and knowing how to do them with largely an opulence and aesthetics in mind that only match their sense of productions, down to the dance floors they have equally captured over years and years of old-school laced with contemporary charm. To bring all that back, to celebrate, to share their much talked about musicality, to keep it alive and more than ever to exalt when one learns them.

The now legendary duos team up to bring us the – D-Nox & Beckers Masterclass. Learn how to produce with them in a 6 hours online course with over 25 Chapters that show you how to write a track from scratch to the end, how to mix it, master it and release it. This course also gives you lessons in how to get inspired, about the ever changing music business, about who D-Nox & Beckers are and music analyses and more. On top of this, the course comes with a remix contest, and gives away the remix files for the original track which was created during this master class. The best 3 will be released alongside the original track on D-Nox imprint Sprout Music, furthermore this masterclass gives away a sample pack and a big folder of Dive presets sounds plus some other extras.

Make sure you subscribe by September 13th 2020, so that you are assuredly part of this learning experience. More information is available here

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