20 Years in the making. The D-Saw remixes have landed!

Artist : D-Saw
Title: Track 10.30 Remixes
Label : Senso Sounds
Release : 4th March 2016
Genre : House

I’ve been waiting for this one ever since my conversation with Holger Behn back in November last year. Way back in 1996, at the height of the widely acknowledged golden period for electronic music, D-Saw a.k.a André Winter released a true classic on Hamburg’s highly influential Superstition label. Track 10:30 stood the test of time, becoming widely regarded as a key moment in European techno music history, despite its modest impact at the time. Now, 20 years later, André revisits the source material courtesy of some killer remixes on Oliver Huntemann’s Senso imprint.

H.O.S.H.’s mix starts of deep and hypnotic. The Diynamic boss says of the period he wrote this as one of the most insanely productive times in his life. Indeed the familiar lead synth here is turned into a pulsing acid flourish, and as the track develops beyond the first break around the 2 minute mark waves of energy are poured on. Piano chords and further manipulation of the synth delights and really updates this classic spectacularly.

Re.You offer up another flavour altogether, maintaining the iconic synth pulse of the source but introducing an infectious, driving tribal groove. This ones slow builder, so patience is required of the DJ and also the crowd, so pick your moments carefully, it has the power to captivate your audience if they go with you.

Throwing all that reserve and caution to the wind, UK techno king dubspeeka dirty things up with a tough, machine funk mix. Stabby tough drums lead the charge with layers of percussion adding to the drive at regular intervals, all backed up with a menacing rising synth line. The break is claustrophobic in its use of sonics such that the return of the kick drum opens the frequencies up. Then the familiar synth line brilliantly alternated sends you into the stratosphere! Finally, André Winter reworks his original into a slow burning groover that effortlessly showcases the elements that make this track so timeless and his own artistic development.