Review – DaGeneral has an unhealthy obsession for face melting techno… and we love it!

Artist: DaGeneral
Title: Feel My Obsession
Label: General Surgery Records
Release: 12th November 2015
Genre: Techno

UK DJ/Producer DaGeneral releases his one tracker on General Surgery Records titled “Feel My Obsession”. For those who are wondering, General Surgery is a collaboration/brand between Jon The Dentist & DaGeneral in which they co-own General Surgery Records and the platform as a rule exudes Techno at its dirtiest, grimy best.

So goes the same for this latest offering, where the original mix takes on a virulent face and chugs out a fair amount of wonkiness and halfway through the track turns in to a clattering feel good Techno track that can help you mark out corners of the floor you didn’t think you would go to. Cavernous vocal peek-a-boo and brashy bass jostle in joyful accompaniment with bits of rhythm rafts coming from the center pulse.

The label welcomes the expertise of Ian Dillon’s Obessive Compulsion version as the first of the culling remixes, and one can immediately feel the cunning improvisation of the entire original landscape in to something terrifically underground and dance worthy. With a subtle sauciness and shuddering bass, Dillon’s handiwork proves that quirky, acidic sleaze is not in short supply. The charismatic squally interiors badger out snarling glitch and put your feet to the floor obedience. Next up Simone De Biasio remix is work horse Techno fare, as it works well in to that late night jumbo that should fill the floors up with its grinding bass, clattering subdued hi hats and staccato pings and shivers.

The EP finishes up with an Elastic Funk remix that unexpectedly slows things down and I mean it as a compliment. It has few moving parts, no complicated gear shifting or particularly clever gimmicks, but it’s more than sustained by its speed, purity and momentum with a sluggish bass line, and a much more twisted vocally face than its predecessors. This version is sure to appeal with the beach folk that loves fat chunky bounce, against a backdrop of sun and sand.

Priya Sen
About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.