Dale Middleton releases Eggos EP on SexOnWax

Artist: Dale Middleton
Title: Eggos EP
Label: SexOnWax
Catalogue Number: SexOnWax068
Release Date: 16/02/2015
Genre: Deep House/Progressive

Dale Middleton has certainly be getting the recognition he deserves over the past 12 months with a number of releases on labels such as Stripped Recordings, Sudbeat, Plattenbank, Parquet Recordings, and a tour of South America under his belt, this man is surely on for big things in 2015. Omid welcomes Dale back to his label with this “Eggos EP” which is a tidy two track number.

First up on the EP is the title track “Eggos” which is one of those delightfully warm progressive numbers that just gets right under your skin, and in your head. Dale uses some well placed vocal samples, and some luscious warm pads all of which sit on top of a deep groovy bassline. The track appears to build from almost nothing into a synth laden, cymbal ride wearing progressive gem. The break is one of those gorgeous journey breaks that just transports you to the dance floor. Those chords during the break are eye wateringly stunning! Hats of Dale, this is a delightful piece of work!

The second track on the EP is is named “Engage”, and is one of those tracks all the real DJs love; a good intro track! The track begins with a beautiful ambient seascape of sounds, and good use of vocal snippets. Soon after we are presented with some broken beats which all then blend beautifully, as the track kicks into those 4×4 beats at around the 3 minute stage. Lovely work again Dale!

A gorgeous 2 track EP here from a man that I am predicting will have a very good 2015. I sometimes forget he is a relatively new comer to the scene, and as he gains more experience in the studio god forbid what we will be getting via the promo inbox! I cannot wait!

About the Author

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