DanceTrippin TV expands its reach across the Netherlands with KNIPPR

Following a successful Festival season with nearly weekly film productions, DanceTrippin TV is expanding it’s linear TV channel reach in the Netherlands to KNIPPR by T-Mobile and Breedband Helmond. After it’s launch on UPC in 2012 and Ziggo in 2014, DanceTrippin TV is on a run to capture the dutch linear TV channel market.

“I’m pleased to see how our channel is growing following an increase of a worldwide demand in high quality electronic dance music content.” – Will Johnston (Founder KNIPPR)

KNIPPR is the cable free, interactive TV service from T-Mobile. With KNIPPR, viewers can choose their own additional channels of interest on top of KNIPPR Basis providing access to the popular channels, you can watch TV on the screen of your choice with apps for smartphone, tablet and Apple TV4. Next to this you can stream with Chromecast or via your web browser. The channel offering can easily be adjusted or cancelled on a monthly basis and does not require you to buy a large TV package or an all-in-one package with mandatory (fixed) telephone or internet.

Breedband Helmond is available in the area Helmond in the Netherlands and can be watched via TV or the TV app. Channels can be selected from two basic TV channel packages: TV Entry and Popular TV. DanceTrippin TV is included in the Popular TV Package and available on channel 119.