Review – Daniel Steinberg is on top form with his new album out now on Arms and Legs Records

Artist : Daniel Steinberg
Title : Left-Handed
Label : Arms & Legs
Release : Out Now
Genre : Electronic

One of a handful of standout artists on Jesse Rose’s Front Room imprint, Daniel’s debut album ‘Shut Up’ landed in 2010. He then launched his own label, Arms & Legs the following year, on which his second album ‘Treptow’ was issued in 2013. ‘Left-Handed’ follows up his 2014 single debut on Defected ‘Let Me Down’, that backed by a remix from Tube & Berger was anointed Essential New Tune by Pete Tong.

A kaleidoscopic trip through house, electronica and jazz and imbued with the artist’s trademark warmth and adventurous musical spirit, Left Handed is a richly textured release, with a brilliant back story. This colourful, and personal album was born out of a booze-fuelled accident around Christmas last year that resulted in a fracture to Daniels’ right wrist. With his girlfriend heading home for the holidays, and a broken internet connection, the Berliner had little else to do but pour his focus into music.

“As luck would have it I am left handed, the fracture nevertheless really slowed things down. At first it was super annoying, but as the days past I realised what a blessing my drunken fall had been. The pain from the fracture forced me to take my time, which I had, labouring over every single sound.” – Daniel Steinberg

The attention to detail and free-wheeling spirit of the artist can be felt throughout the album. Each track is brimming with energy and clever studio craft. Highlights for me included the Star Trek inspired bouncy groove of ‘Bones’, the Bluesy house of ‘No One Can Change Me’, the quiet assuredness and melodies of deep houser ‘Neptune’, the drum heaviness of Hip House revival ‘Punch’ and the albums closer ‘Peace’ with its wonderful piano work and blissful vocals. I was also delighted by the inclusion of tracks like ‘Crucial’ with its 90s inspired hip hop breaks, and the opener ‘Corn Dog’, a fish mash of Latin, House and Rap. It even has a cheeky Byron Stingily sample!

If you want something fun and accessible for your weekday travel commute, you could do far worse than giving this for a spin. Its a solid album with plenty of highlights.

1. Corn Dog
2. Bones
3. No One Can Change Me
4. 1981
5. Neptune
6. Crucial
7. Punch
8. State Of Mind
9. Peace