Slideways continues to up the ante with the excellent Danny Oliveira

Artist : Danny Oliveira
Title : Do You Know What I Mean
Label : Slideways
Release : 18th March 2016
Genre : Progressive House

Some reviews are a pleasure to do. Anything on Tim Penners excellent label Slideways falls into that category. You may not know the name Danny Oliveira, but you will know his alter ego DNYO. Danny’s been quietly plugging away in the progressive underground since 2012 setting up Konstrukt Audio with Tim shortly afterwards. The labels vision, much like his incredible debut here on Slideways: “We paint in a dimension where art and mathematics mesh together naturally and beautifully. We design the tools required for unique artistic expression through melody, harmony, rhythm and dynamics.” As the press release points out, this one should come with a warning – Brace Yourself! (You know what I mean!)

And what an original he paints! Starkly contrasting the percussion from the nagging synth and tripped out saw toothed washes, Danny gradually adds layers of sonic design to create a wall of sound whose momentum can only take you forward. The break around 3.30 brings with it new layers and a stripped back drum section ramping up the tension further as we wait patiently for the pay off second half.

The first remix comes from Scotsman Sterbai who takes us down an incredibly deep and progressive route. The pulsating groove and snappy percussion compliment the vocal elements rather nicely and the journey is as epic as it is restrained. Danny’s fellow Brazilian label-mate, GRG, otherwise known as George Gomes, takes over the second remix with a far more minimal, yet equally trippy approach. It’s been a while since Slideways have had anything from GRG, but he is definitely making a come-back in spectacular fashion with his refreshing take on a near perfect original.

Top marks again for a label single handedly bringing classy and style back to progressive house.