Danny Serrano drops in for a chat about his Transitions EP and exclusive guestmix

Danny Serrano is a man that has notched up a series of high profile releases over the past few years. Things began for Danny back in 2004 when he was discovered by Fernando Godoy, and Danny was given the opportunity to make his mark on the music world on a international plain. In 2006 Danny was asked to be part of Carlsberg Worldwide Clubbing as a resident DJ where he had the opportunity to ply his craft across the globe.

Danny has seen his music releases on labels such as Get Physical, Boug, Viva Music, Noir, Saved Records, and Break New Soil. His music has gained mass support from the likes of Luciano, Loco Dice,Steve Lawler, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Joris Voorn, Reboot, Nic Fanciulli, and many many more.

Besides his productions Danny can often be seen behind the decks of many of the worlds great clubs such as Space Ibiza, ADE Festival, Sankeys (Manchester), and Pacha. As you can probably appreciate Danny is a very busy man, and I was very lucky to grab a few minutes of his time to chat about his musical past, his sound, and what he is up to in 2015.

Hi Danny. Many thanks for taking the time for a chat today. What have you been up to with your week so far?

Same thing every day, I get up early, go to the gym and train, after that I’ll be working in my studio.

Can you talk us through some of your musical influences today, and whilst you were growing up?

When I was a kid I was listening to music funk and hip hop… So to this day my influences have been countless producers.

You were born and raised in Madrid. Tell us a little about your hometown, and what its music scene was like when you were growing up?

At the moment the underground music scene in Madrid is very bad, there are only 3 big clubs who are in the game, Madrid has great artists, but the club scene needs a change.

You state that Fernando Godoy discovered you, and gave you the opportunity to begin your journey to where you are right now. Can you tell us a little about how the meeting came about, and how it all first began?

It all started at a club in Madrid, Fernando liked my work and offered me the residency of Carlsberg World Wide Clubing, with big artists like Sathosi Tomiie, Laurent Garnier, Monika Kruse, Tania Vulcano, Nic Fanciulli… I have great memories.

When did you first get your hands on a pair of decks, and what were your influences in getting into DJing?

I got my first decks at age of 16 with my first salary from when I was working at a fishmonger, my early influences were, Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, and Jeff mills.

You have had many successful releases on labels such as Area Remote, Viva Music, Noir, Saved Records, and Break New Soil. How do you approach your work in the studio? Do you have a process you follow?

Oh thanks! I have no specific way of working, I plug my computer in and I let go …easy but I have to confess that I am a maniac when it comes to work!

Can you tell us about some of your favourite gadgets in the studio when you are making an original or remix track?

I love my toys a lot , depends on the track but my favourite gadgets are maschine, Korg Ms20, Mikrokorg, Nord Lead, Minimoog and Bass station.

What one piece of hardware/software could you not live without?

Work tool Logic, Ableton, and Maschine.

Your latest release, Transitions EPis due out on 13th April on My Favourite Freaks Music. Can you tell us a little about the EP, and where you drew your inspiration from?

I wanted to work on something different, a particular sound, the voice of Forrest inspired me a lot to it, and of course working with the great Italian duo Fideles have a great talent!

Besides the above release, what has Danny Serrano got in the pipeline for 2015?

2015 is a big year for me, I have big releases signed on 8bit, Suara, Bouq, Formatik and my album on MMF.

You’re an artist that has appeared to have prevented himself from being pigeonholed. Why do you think this is the case, and was it something you intended to happen?

Not something I wanted or intended it to happen, I just love music and I really don’t care about the styles.

You recently played Pacha in Dubai. Can you tell us a little about the night, and what are your thoughts are on clubbing in Dubai?

It’s a different audience to Europe, but it was a great night. They have treated me very well and I hope to return soon! Thank you Dubai!

You mentioned recently that you were very impressed with the Allen & Heath Xone K2 controller. What do you like about the K2, and is this a setup you use often when DJing/playing live?

I think the K2 is the best controller so far which I played my first live set with this year.

There has been much press about DJs not being DJs based on the equipment they use. What are your thoughts on this, and the people that continue to bring up this debate?

Prefer not to comment, is a subject that bores me sorry! We must respect the artists and every person to do what they want to do!

Being on the road so much can take its toll on the body. What do you do to kick back and relax? What is your interest away from music?

Yeahhh definitely! My hobbies are football and gym easy!

Finally is there anything else you wish to tell us about that you have planned for 2015?

Only that people would enjoy music… See you on the dancefloor guys!! Thanks for having me Decoded Magazine!

Track list

01. FreakMe – Going Insane Original mix / Noir Music
02. Einmusik – Night Train – I.D.C. Album Original mix / Einmusika
03. Sante – We Came To Jack Original mix / Viva Music
04. Dave Seaman – Dance In Tongues Original mix / Noir Music
05. Sidney Charles – Cave Rave Original Mix / Avotre
06. AFFKT – Brody Posh Original Mix / Snatch!
07. Patrick Kunkel, Juergen Kirsch & Mehrklang – Too Much (7th Star Remix) / CDR
08. Kreature & Rudosa – For The Freaks Original Mix / Wow Recordings
09. Danny Serrano & Fideles – Stress in the Street Original mix / My Favourite Freaks Music
10. Arado & Bimas – My Art My Soul Original mix / DESOLAT
11. Saso Recyd – Rawthing (Gene Farris Re-Rub Dub) / Raw Music
12. DJ Fronter – Break Of Day Original Mix / Area Remote


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