Darlyn Vlys reveals new single ‘Mellizos’ from forthcoming album

“Mellizos” is the 1st single taken from “Prince in the Rain” LP by Darlyn Vlys, out May 11, 2018 and via Sincopat imprint.There’s a certain polished refinement to the Sincopat vibe that gives the label’s output more depth that the term “party music” might imply. “Mellizos” is a suitable evidence of this.

Darlyn Vlys music is mature and measured; a pleasant introduction into the craft. His eclectic and sometimes unpredictable style of combining unusual sounds into one track is just a gift. On the original song he challenges us to engage with his inversions, shimmering textures, self-reflexive bass lines, guitar licks and massive melodic arps that follows, allows these ideas to germinate; the track’s evolution is one marked by its own beauties and strangeness.“Mellizos” sits somewhere between the dance-oriented, propulsive cinematic-nature of Darlyn Vlys and the more meditative, thoughtful side of the French artist.

This 1st single hides a second motor under the chassis. A remix by Lauer spinning with more BPM than the original track, and that distils high-quality synth-disco and space-house. It is always appreciated to dance with an ear-to-ear grin; Lauer knows perfectly how to satisfy us with a captivating melody and boundless energy. The German Phillip Lauer aka Tuff City Kids delivers infused funky synths and retro drums. A stylish club weapon that will ignite the dance floor.

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