Dave Seaman returns to Selador with the huge Nightfalls EP

Artist: Dave Seaman
Title: Nightfalls EP
Label: Selador Recordings
Released: Out Now!
Genre: Progressive House / Techno

Dave Seaman needs no introduction, fact! Fans of progressive house will already know what Dave has given to the scene and to the industry, and just what an essential part of the evolution of the genre he has been. The term ‘legend’ gets thrown around a lot these days, but Seaman is one of those DJ’s that truly deserves that status.

With numerous DJ mix compilations under his belt, and maintaining a full tour schedule, his production skills have never faltered or lacked in any quality whatsoever. Over recent months and years he has featured on labels such as Chapter 24, Suara and the mighty Sudbeat but for his next single, he returns home to his own label, Selador with the Nightfalls EP.

Dave’s original is a bass laden, techno peak-timer. You’ll probably find yourself immersed in the bassline throughout the track but try and drag yourself away and take in the other elements that make up this track. The hypnotic vocal, clever use of percussion and synth drums, as well as some super effective, clever hits of the piano which certainly adds a 4th dimension to this track. Up until the break, you’ll find yourself happily nodding your head and tapping your feet to the music, and moving to the unrelenting bassline. After you lose yourself in the break, it breaks down into a complete frenzy and I have absolutely no doubt that you’ll even throw in a few fist pumps. Even if your sat on your couch listening to it like I am!

Next up, Lee Van Dowski goes with his ‘Zero Dark Forty Remix’. Staying true to the original, the bass notes of the piano are used to a very creative effect and the vocal hits you right from inside the first minute, during transition period. Crowd hears the vocal brought into the mix, proceeds to go wild! Van Dowski means business with this remix! As dark as it is hypnotic, it chugs along like a train through a tunnel, bringing in Seaman’s original percussion work, and the vocal has the brakes applied to haunting effect. Lovely string work during the break of the track, builds and builds to a euphoric, pounding, relentless, off-the-hook, dramatic (you get the picture) crescendo. There’s not a techno fan on this earth that won’t enjoy this remix. If there isn’t, I’ll eat my hat.

Selador’s Facebook page reads, “It’s a bit of a banger” and that’s right on the money, I couldn’t put it better myself. Slightly more techno-edged than the mixes that preceded it, OC & Verde have transformed this one into a mid-set stomper, with some lovely added trance-esque melodies during the break. The savagery of Dave’s original bassline is present here and that sits hand in hand with the already mentioned melody. With just 4 releases out on Beatport, OC & Verde prove here why they are a force to be reckoned with in the future. This is no-nonsense electronic music that will not fail to make the sweat drip from the roof of any club or indeed any festival tent the world over.

A more laidback remix rounds off this 4 track EP and what a stunning piece it is. Irishman Chymera, known for his works on Connaiseur, Kompakt and the mighty Cocoon proves here why he’s one of the most sought after names in dance music. In keeping with the percussive moods of the other remixes this one offers a more moody, atmospheric take on the track, using luscious, swirly ambience to lift you off the ground and into the ether. To me personally this would have a great place in the early stage of a DJ’s set or would fit nicely into a warm up slot. Listen to each of the elements, scratch below the surface and lose yourself in a completely wonderful, masterpiece.