We get exclusive access to the new Soulfooled release from David Durango

Soulfooled, lovingly curated since its inception in 2010 by Germany’s Alex Niggemann, has steadily established itself as a crucial platform for fresh talent. The label’s focus is always on sonic innovation and searching out unfailingly original musical gems, industriously developing its own distinctive brand of music. The next exciting musical instalment sees the return of a label regular – Swiss DJ/Producer David Durango – with a stunning 4-track EP due for release 29th July.

Opening track ‘Petit Prince’, with its gentle, percussive intro, steadily builds an engrossing, hypnotic whirlpool of anticipation and tension, before spiralling into a deep abyss and launching into a perfect wonky climactic finale. The stylistic juxtaposition of ‘Take Me Away’, taking a deeper, darker journey, mixing euphoric flourishes with tense atmospheres, is the mark of a truly distinctive artist. Showing yet another side to his broad creative musical palette, ‘1000 étoiles’ combines discordant and melodic elements to create an enthralling collage of sound, whilst the ambient, filmic qualities of ‘Luxury’ presents yet another alternative creative vision.

Across all four tracks, David Durango’s extensive musical knowledge shines brightly. His enchanting productions blend technicality with far-ranging influences, resulting in diverse creations that are uplifting and challenging at the same time, truly capturing his versatility as an artist who encapsulates a wide variety of elements to create a style very much his own.

It is no wonder that David has had an intimate love affair with electronic music since the early 90’s and, in addition to his regular Soulfooled releases, has steadily built an impressive back catalogue with appearances on the likes of Poker Flat, NRK, Dessous & Supplement Facts. Quite simply, David Durango’s productions always blend deep technicality with a wealth of verve and vigour to charm any dancefloor anywhere. With the talent of David Durango alongside an ever-growing family of superb artists, Soulfooled continues to grow into one of the finest labels around.