We’re really looking forward to checking out David Rusbatch’s new neo-landscape exhibition

RedHouse Originals Gallery presents:
24th June to 23rd July 2016
Monday to Saturday 10am – 5pm – FREE Entry
RedHouse Originals Gallery
Harrogate HG1 1DW

“Most of the paintings were done after the end of a relationship. I should’ve called the exhibition ‘heartbreaker’… I escaped to the Yorkshire Dales and found solace. I thought a lot about nature; its scale and its power. How it can unify but how it can isolate, all in the blink of an eye… You don’t want to sleep in case you miss a bit…” – David Rusbatch

RedHouse Originals Gallery is delighted to announce ‘I Used To Sleep At Night’; a new exhibition by Leeds-based artist David Rusbatch. The collection will go on display in Harrogate from 24th June – 23rd July.

As well as showcasing Rusbatch’s hallmark portrait style the exhibition sees the artist venture into a new form of landscape painting. Multiple layers of oil paint, fluorescent light gels, collage and heavy gloss varnishes convene on cavernous black backgrounds, with different viewpoints and overlapping planes hinting at an almost cubist approach.

“We have started to call them the ‘neo-landscape paintings’. I spent a lot of time in Malham so several pictures were directly inspired by days and nights spent up there… It was an escape, but not without an edge. When you are in the woods and dusk falls it transforms the landscape and the solace is soon replaced by fear and utter isolation…” – David Rusbatch

This is the first exhibition since 2014 show ‘Lost & Found’, which led to plaudits from the likes Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) and Maxi Jazz (Faithless). Rusbatch is in the fortunate position that there is now a waiting list for his paintings and it is expected that this latest instalment will not disappoint his growing army of collectors and admirers.

David Rusbatch_Costa Del Malham

Born in Leeds in 1979, David Rusbatch’s work is drawn from popular culture, focusing on themes of celebrity and genius. In 2008 Rusbatch became one of the youngest-ever exhibitors at the National Design Museum. His work at the Venice Biennale in 2009 led to critical and commercial acclaim and has charted the rise of a promising career.

Rusbatch has exhibited alongside Julian Opie and Gerald Laing and contributed work to the ‘Feminism in London’ exhibition at the Aubin Gallery, London. The nature of creation and the act of destruction is a constant theme in the artist’s work. Rusbatch has been known to abandon or completely destroy paintings in the pursuit of artistic enlightenment and ‘perfection’.

“Is creation only a means to an end? Can it only be validated by a perceived successful output? Or can creation exist as a separate entity, a primal human need of expression? This is just the start.” – David Rusbatch

David Rusbatch_There Is A Light

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