David Scuba teams up with Dance Spirit for the latest release on Mr C’s Superfreq

Artist: David Scuba & Dance Spirit
Title: Dose
Label: Superfreq
Released: Out now!
Genre: Techno

David Scuba is known for his work both on and behind the stage, where he, for instance, has contributed to events such as the WMC. In addition, he is one of the main characters behind the worldwide party series and label Superfreq which was founded by Mr. C. Starting out in London the concept evolved and can now be found everywhere from Ibiza to L.A. hosting artists such as Damian Lazarus, Alexi Delano, Jamie Jones and Adultnapper just to name a few.

This time David Scuba has gotten together with the duo Dance Spirit (Christopher Mohn and Reagan Denius) who is known for a kind of futuristic minimal sound. The duo is also based in LA and besides playing at festivals such as Coachella and Desert Hearts the guys are residents at the well-known Flying Circus parties.

First off we are met by the one and only remix on the release. Toronto based and No. 19 co-founder Nitin lets it roll and groove down and deep in his interpretation of ‘Prophecy’, adding a gentle touch of spherical elements along the metallic drums. ‘Apotheosis’ is the second track on the release, which goes head first into a more energetic style, but keeps the kind of atmospheric feeling to it that was teased in the remix. Shakers accompany a wide spectre of synthesized elements creating a very distinct soundscape.

Heading over to the original ‘Prophecy’ there is definitely an easily recognizable red thread through the release as again the mood rests on the mystic and rather slightly darker side of the scale. A catchy groove is surrounded by what moves around like swirling acid inspired punches and light melodic components.

An interesting release offering a different take on the futuristic techno going around. When listening to the three tracks the point seems to be moving away from the “quick fix” and rather towards integrating their listeners in a danceable journey through sounds.

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