Day three of IMS Ibiza addressed The Great Annual Ibiza Debate – “Ibiza needs to change”

The great annual Ibiza debate focuses on the political and economic challenges in Ibiza the rising expense of visiting the island, alongside disconnect between the nightlife industry and local government. A panel that always sparks insightful thoughts about the state and future of Ibiza, The Great Annual Ibiza Debate on day 3 of IMS, took an extensive look into the current political and economic challenges in Ibiza. Whilst all panellists acknowledged the island is going through a big change, many agreed in their concerns that this is in fact to the detriment of the Ibizan music scene and industry; one defined by its magical feeling and eclectic musical offering.

Manager and Promoter of club brand, Paradise, Nick Yates put forward criticisms regarding the disconnect between the government and the music industry in Ibiza, along with the rising price of attending an event and its impact on young people. On this topic, both Jose Corraliza of HEART and founder of elrow, Juan Arnau both agreed with Yates on the expense of visiting Ibiza. Arnau pointed out the climbing of prices are largely down to the heightened situation of competition between promoters and venues on the island;

“The government is sucking the life out of the island. Young clubland kids are getting completely alienated.” – Nick Yates (Paradise, Promoter)

“When one clubs puts up their door or drink prices – all others follow suit” – Juan Arnau (Founder & CEO, elrow Family)

Talking further on such competition, it became apparent that progressive changes need to be made to unite the current disconnect between the government and the music scene in Ibiza; as restrictions are placed on the opening and closing times of venues. DJ native to Ibiza, Anna Tur expressed her feelings that Ibiza is being ‘killed’ with such restrictions. However, Jose Corraliza revealed and assured that there are conversations taking place to protect Ibiza and discuss strategies that can be put in place around the island, as part of his work in the Leisure Association of Ibiza.

“Change is good…Ibiza can be better and it must be better. Everybody can do something better, not just for Ibiza but for the rest of the world.” – Ernesto Senatore (Director of It’s All About The Music)

In direct relation to this, it was discussed that disconnect is evident internally; deeply rooted in the Ibizan music industry. As venues and promoters feverishly compete for artists and billboards on the island, this aspect was highlighted as a driving force behind further disconnect. As many felt the vast monetary implications that pervade the island, hindered the conversion of competition into collaboration, Ernesto Senatore of ‘It’s All About The Music’ presented an open attitude to change and collaboration between clubs, promoters and artists.

Panel included:

Agoria (Artist; France)
Anna Tur (Ibiza Global Radio; Artist / General Manager Spain)
Clint Lee (W Hotels; Ibiza Music Creator; UK)
Ernesto Senatore (It’s All About The Music; Director / Promoter; Italy)
José Corraliza (Heart Ibiza / Leisure Association of Ibiza; General Manager/ President; Spain)
Juan Arnau Jr (elrow Family; Founder & CEO; Spain)
Louis Diaz (Groupo Pacha; Global Director of Music & Programming; Puerto Rico)
Nick Yates (Paradise; Promoter; Ibiza)

Moderated by Mark Netto (IMS; Co-Founder; South Africa)

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