DC-10 under further attack from authorities; face 12 month closure order and hefty fine

In an unprecedented move today, local authorities in Ibiza took further action against DC-10, effectively closing the venue down for good. Claimed by many to be Ibiza’s Studio 54, its popularity grew to the point where it became the go to Monday morning after party venue.

You may remember some months ago that Joan Lluís Ferrer, was on the warpath against nightclubs that break the law, allegedly spearheading the reporting of the owner of DC-10, on the road to Ses Salines. The local authorities then issued a closure order and of a fine of 300,000 Euros – the maximum allowed by the law – for repeatedly violating the capacity of the venue and persistent noise pollution. This is the second consecutive penalty levied on DC-10 by the Government in recent months. The popular after hours venue was “only licensed for 68 people.” recalled Sant Joseps’ Mayor Josep Mari Ribas to local Spanish press.

The second deputy mayor and councillor of Police, Paquita Ribas, who was also responsible for the area in 2008, has welcomed the ruling, stating “This ruling endorses the City of Sant Josep was strong and brave at the time. It helps us to keep working together as we continue with this new stage.”

The facts that led to the closure of the DC-10 for a period of one year date back to August 2007. The officers of the Local Police of Sant Josep conducted an inspection of the premises and found that there were 400 people on the terrace and inside the premises at the time. DC-10 only has a bar license for a maximum capacity of 68 people. Although DC-10 owners allege the terrace can accommodate over 173 people, the statement indicates that “this place would have been clearly overcrowded, since the agents claim 400 people [were there]”. The sentence also considers the closure period of one year is a ‘reasonable’ measure, since the law provides for up to three years. In a bitter sweet twist of fate, the fine of 300 thousand Euros was reduced to a mere 60,000. Resident DJ Luciano is reported to have said “It’s like the fucking politicians are trying to break down one of the last bits of paradise on earth.”

“I cooperated, I tried to do everything the government asked…. The situation is crazy. Circoloco started a movement in Ibiza. We brought the underground people together. I’ve put 100% of my heart into this club and I’m going to fight for it.” – Andrea Pellino (Co-founder Circoloco)

Many fear that now the infamous venue has been closed, the authorities will ensure they never reopen. But perhaps this isn’t the end of the story…

Sources : Ibizaa-z.com / DiariodeIbiza