DEBUT ALBUM + VISUAL OUT TODAY: Phoet ‘Broken Symmetry’

Today, the beguiling and inspiring electronic newcomer Phoet unveils his stunning first opus Broken Symmetry. A 12-track circular concept record, Phoet aims to describe the concept of time through music touching everything from techno, to trip hop and African rhythms.

As visually considered as he is technically, today he also unveils his directorial debut for the lead single ‘Symmetry Breaking’. Incensed by the current political situation in Italy whereby the government have made the migrants a scapegoat for the country’s problems, he wrote and directed a moving, symbolic and socio-politically pertinent video telling the story of one man’s journey through two different lenses – the literal and spiritual.

The cinematic video sees main protagonist played by South African musician Kholeho Mosala leave his family and embark on a treacherous journey across the sea. Accompanied throughout by a group of dancers who represent both the real and spiritual ferrymen that go with him, the video is littered with recurring symbols and themes in this journey include a tarot suit; the stick, the sword, the cup, the money and coins, and Homer’s The Odyssey.

Speaking on the album, Phoet says:

“A brief introduction is due; from the following lines the record could seem pretentious and complex. It isn’t. I think, on the contrary, it’s a simple and discernible work where I had fun drawing parallels between the world of physics and the world of music. I’ve always felt the need of finding concepts to compose. In this case, thinking about the concept of time allowed me to find solutions that I probably wouldn’t reach without it.”

Broken Symmetry is a mature, accomplished and technical masterpiece. Each track glides effortlessly into the next without pause, in progression by fifths, and the album finishes harmonically in the same place it started. Every drum on the album was field recorded from various objects and the record is sprinkled with interesting and technical nuance such as whilst listening in stereo you can hear the sound, but when in mono you can’t.

Since its announcement the album and singles including ‘Still Untitled ft. Sanada Maitreya’ which samples the vocal from ‘As Yet Untitled’ – a classic single from his 5x platinum debut album Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D’Arby and ‘Standard Model’, a brooding tune that’s accented with chopped vocal cuts, a tribal influenced percussion and a crunchy, synthy breakdown.


1. Clockwarp
2. On a Mexican Hat
3. Simultaneity
4. Footsteps
5. First Came The Seen
6. Symmetry Breaking
7. Soul Collider feat. Suz
8. Still Untitled feat. Sananda Maitreya
9. Standard Model
10. Odeceixe
11. Gravity Hoax
12. Entanglement Sentence Example