Decay Records presents Golden Gate Sampler 2

Artist: Michael L Penman & Scott Kemp
Title: Golden Gate Sampler 2
Label: Decay Records
Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Minimal

Decay Records was launched in late 2013 and over its now twelve releases has unleashed material from the likes of Jay Tripwire, Alex Arnout, Ed Davenport and Franck Roger. Here the label pushes on with part two of its ‘Golden Gate Sampler’ series, welcoming Ovum / M-nus artist Michael L Penman and Mobilee / Hypertone’s Scott Kemp onto the roster. The EP is a minimal four tracker with two originals. The first been ‘Lazy Boy’ by Michael L Penman and the second ‘Sirma’ produced by Scott Kemp.

The original track by Penman features a heavy kick drum  complimented nicely with a subby bassline which keeps it tied in nicely with classic minimal percussive elements offer a easy on the ear flowing vibe throughout. The faint background female vocal and heavily reverbed haunted like male sample through out along with lays down a solid overall track. The remix provided by Belgium’s Igor Vicente offers a similar kick heavy low end with some syncopated make vocal to fill out the track and the addition of some dark distorted fillers offers a nice alternative to the original. Both tracks would work nicely on the dancefloor setting the tone for the night.

Scott Kemp also a debutant on the label offers up a very intriguing dub like track.The deep but simple bassline rides through effortlessly been surrounded some beautiful shuffled percussion and background male vocal to provide an overall well balanced track with some very well chosen elements and eerie pad like textures. This would certainly would go down a treat in any lounge or chill out arena. On remix is Germany’s Sascha Dive. A very talented and respected producer with a string of releases on some excellent labels. He very much make his stamp on this offering a more dance floor flavour than the original. The kick is nice and well round not too hard and the bass weaves in between is nicely to form a nice foundation for this track to develop on. A heavily efx’d female vocal leads the track along with a subtle delayed synth stab running with it. When drops comes back in the lead percussive slowly modulates throughout giving an overall very appealing track which would fit perfectly into any warm up DJs bag.